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Same problem as for everyone else - controller works only few seconds after booting up the phone. Surprisingly controller works when plugged to the phone via usb port, but that's a dealbreaker (cant use mhl cable + charger).

The tasker solution did not work.

Sixaxis controller dev doesnt respond to my emails.

Bummer :s
In latest DN3 rom v5.2 (based on Samsung Stock 4.4.2) for Galaxy Note 2 Sixaxis controller is working fine (with other kernels too). So it seems to be rom related and not by kernel. Maybe you could contact the E-Team (responsible for DN3 rom) to aks for changes in latest rom version. In v5+ (latest before the final v5.2) Sixaxis was not working. Maybe they remember the changes of their latest rom or exactly know, what to do. Hope so!
Good luck
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