ok found out what the problem was.
if you switch to ART and restart, it optimizes all your apps.
watch them all and make sure you see CAMERA gets optimised, 1st couple of times it didnt, that was my issue. camera would work. load instagram. select camera, Blackscreen.
crash. from then on camera is unable to be accessed from any app.
restart. works. same thing if you load instagram.
disable ART. enable again. restart. tis time i watched it add another 17 apps to optimise list. CAMERA was one of them. now instagram and camera apps work with no crashing however "calendar storage" crashed repeatively until i force stopped it. not sure whats up there.

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I think i read that no one is allowed to mirror this rom.
if thats not the case i can mirror it from MEGA later on tonight if ppl still having issues.
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