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Any new QWERTY Android on the horizon?

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By Guiyoforward, Member on 7th May 2014, 09:00 PM
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31st July 2014, 09:36 AM |#21  
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I'm still watching eBay, but from reading some of the reviews people left for some of the sellers, sellers are selling refurbs/used Relay 4Gs as new. I wanted this phone to be my "in-between" phone between the one I have now (Epic 4G) and the S5/S6. Now it looks like I might be better off getting the non-qwerty ZTE Overture.
Its decent enough plus I can unlock it for my travels to Mexico. Cricket has gobs of them available ($80) at their brick and mortar stores so...there's that at least.

I honestly think the solution is to start making phone cases that have sliding keyboards that hook up to your phone via bluetooth. But apparently I'm the only one who thinks that, so...

Originally Posted by Bobby Tables

I dragged my Relay out of storage, popped my SIM into it (had to use an adapter since the F3 uses a Micro SIM), and fired it up again. Then, less than 24 hours after I take the CM plunge, CM development for the Relay grinds to a halt.

I'm still watching this board, and it seems like the CM offshoots are fairing better, like OmniToad and such. Have you given them a try?


What I am really starting to hate about the smartphone market is that every damn phone seems to have some sort of stupid $#!+ somewhere. Nexus 5? No removable battery, no external SD - the latest fashion!

Funny you mention this. I was talking to a friend about Sony's Z2, how I said it not having a removable battery was a deal breaker for me. He said he's just carry around one of those battery charging packs. He said he'd just keep it hooked up to that. That seems a bit...inconvenient, especially since from what I've seen they seem to be a bit bulky. I like having a spare mAh battery in my pocket I can just swap out when the old one in the phone is dead or dying. But I guess what my friend is doing is a solution other folks are doing as well.


Recent Samsungs? Region locked, even if it's a "soft" lock and I'm unlikely to travel overseas anytime soon. Aren't they also locking the bootloaders on the S5 and Note 3?

I thought for whatever reason T-Mobile doesn't lock their bootloaders on their Samsung phones? Unless tha thas changed?
31st July 2014, 01:13 PM |#22  
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Originally Posted by RodimusConvoy

I thought for whatever reason T-Mobile doesn't lock their bootloaders on their Samsung phones? Unless tha thas changed?

After poking around a bit, there's a lot of conflicting information about whether the S5's bootloader is unlocked or not, but it looks like the T-Mobile version is, at least. Still, that's a top-of-the-line phone with a price to match, and there doesn't even seem to be an unofficial CM for the S5. At least it's rootable and can have a custom recovery (and there are some ROMs for it).

I'd love a Nexus 5, if it weren't for the battery and "no SD card for you!" issues.

What I hate most, though, is the upgrade treadmill that every damn phone manufacturer wants to force us onto.

I guess I'll have to see how well one of the other ROMs works out for the Relay, if CM is going to be a dead end. I did manage to free up a chunk of space on my F3 as well (some of the bloatware can be uninstalled from LG's app manager, and I had to manually delete 300+ MB of data for QTranslator since uninstalling the app didn't delete the data). So, I could probably live with the F3 for another six months at least.
31st July 2014, 05:20 PM |#23  
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having just come from a motorola droid4 to the relay a couple months ago, i can say that having a locked bootloader isn't the end of the world as long as you have a good dev community. i absolutely loved having safestrap. it uses TWRP but it uses your internal storage to create "rom slots" which you can put different roms on. the way i understand it, it makes a blob of a file that acts like the system and user partitions when you boot to that other rom slot, and it hides the stock rom's system/user partitions from that other rom. from inside the stock rom when you browse the internal storage, it just looks like a big blob of a single file that is however big you made it when you created the rom slot. if you only have one rom slot besides stock, you still have the rest of your internal storage to use with either stock or whatever rom you use... plus your entire SD card of course.

it's called safestrap because you ALWAYS have stock to fall back on if it turns out your rom has some showstopper bug - you don't have to backup or restore anything - you just reboot, tap the button to enter safestrap, pick which rom slot you want to boot from, and let it finish booting. adds about 5 seconds to your reboot time rather than however many minutes it takes to backup, re-flash, etc etc. i miss that now that i'm on the relay. it made trying out new roms much less risky if, like me, you can't be without a functioning phone. being able to dual boot is pretty cool, imho, and worth the small amount of "wasted" space by keeping the stock rom around.

i too hate the trends towards thinner/wider/etc, sealed batteries, and lack of SD slots. and lack of keyboards!

BT keyboards - some do exist and not all of them are total crap. there's one for the S4 that actually looks halfway decent but i don't know how it feels to type on, nor do i know how it behaves with the OS.

i still prefer the keyboard on my old droid4 when it comes to actually typing, in terms of key placement and feel, but i like having all the symbols available on the relay's keyboard. i just wish i could disable the relay's damned alt-backspace that deletes entire lines. VERY annoying when you accidentally tap alt without realizing it. it wouldn't be so bad if there were an undo function, but there isn't.
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