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Couple of questions about this MOD.

Will this work with any stock based Z1 ROM?

Will it work with CriskeloROM v7.3 ?

Any bugs?

And if I install a Z1 ROM, and an update comes for it. Is it safe to install if its based on OTA?

In theory, all z1 stock based should work but some roms just made too much changes and may not work on z1c(you can still get them to working but you will have to modify the rom to make it okay on z1c). Only monx and romaur are safe and sure to work on z1c because they don't do heavy modding.

Generally, monx should even slightly better than romaur but since the dev of monx moved to z2, the z1 monx is still stuck on 4.4.2 though the dev said he will update it to 4.4.4 but no schedule yet.