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You are so rite about restoring apps...it does not always work correctly. .But I do use TB pro for restoring my Call Log..Messages.. Data Usage..WiFi entrys..Browser Favorites..Alarms..and Bluetooth Pairings..
I have never had a problem restoring these when switching Roms..but your rite.. I also keep a backup of the Rom I am on..

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Yeah for the things you mentioned it is applicable for sure. You can use it to restore your apps from Rom to Rom my bad . I was thinking of the restore data function in recovery.. The last time i used TB there wasnt a restore all option which i didnt really like . I really wish you could restore multiple apps at once instaed of one by one.. Some people like keeping their call logs and messages which i understand and it is a great app for that .. I guess my opinion was a little biased LOL . Dont get me wrfong i keep TB on my phone at all times to freeze apps or to backup a system app before i remove it.. Some times i just do a data backup in recovery if i am just installing an update to a Rom but want a freash install .. So install the update then boot back into recovery and do a data only restore .Which works fine sometimes but can cause issues and i dont recommend it if changing roms cause will most certainly cause problems. Very Very useful app for alot of purposes other than just backing up apps Actually nevermind i forgot there is a restore all function