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Does anyone know personally of someone who's had their phone returned by HTC because of it being rooted or s-off? I sent my M8 for repair, the camera lens was scratched up. They replaced them and sent it back. (Free) but here is the kicker, I had s-off, and running ViperOne rom with the custom boot-up and log-off screens. It came back, lens fixed, been returned to stock. This is not the first time I have done this. Samsung did the same too. Here is what I think they do:

1) Unpack phone
2) plug phone into a terminal that returns it to the latest stock rom
3) Look for and fix problem
4) Reset the phone
5) Pack it up and send it back.

That has been my experience 100% of all the phones I had exchanged, whether with Verizon, AT&T or US Cellular.
Interesting experience there, and sounds like you have done it multiple times and with them returning the device without any hitch.

I personally never had to go for replacement so far, however this definitely makes me feel better about going about it. My HTC M8 is still showing the same problems as earlier and I have not quite been able to decide whether it is a bad sim tray or something else. I also wonder if my issue is different from @pokedroid and @tbc34 in that my SIM card is read for short periods, and LTE/3G icon shows up as well, but the data does not work and it goes back into out of network mode.

For replacement I will probably still see if going back to stock recovery/red warning text fix etc is easy enough, just in case I catch an HTC technician in a bad mood. EDIT In fact this other thread makes me want to be double sure I get phone back in full stock mode: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2723409 . Fort. I have a dev edition, so HTC can't really say that I unlocked bootloader (though I wonder if such data travels back to them from the device via internet)
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