Default skippity skip pop pop :(

Anyone have any ideas on how I can eliminate the buffer underrun??
Music will play but skip randomly, I don't use flac most of my stuff is vbr or 320 mp3s and aac/m4as..
I've tried setting the sd readahead higher, different I/o schedulers, DSP manager, viper4android, and all the lpa/tunnel build prop mods out there..
Is there a script to adjust the buffer size? I've looked and googled and searched and tried all the above things on cm and omni..
There were commits to omni about a month ago to stagefright regarding a custom buffer that were merged and it still didn't fix the problem even after a clean flash, my sdcard is a 64gb class 10 and I got a screenie of a logcat for when a skip occurs

I use Apollo because it's built in and has always been reliable and even tried the walkman port but same stuff

P.S. the callback thing looks identical whether it's DSP or v4a running, I just got the screen cap when v4a was running earlier
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