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LG G3 Camera

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So how bad is the 60fps while in a low light condition? I'm thinking of getting the g3 but the 60fps on the g2 was terrible when not outside with the brightest light available?
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Originally Posted by al52025 View Post
So how bad is the 60fps while in a low light condition? I'm thinking of getting the g3 but the 60fps on the g2 was terrible when not outside with the brightest light available?
You shouldn't use 60fps in low light, it needs a really high ISO which makes the quality horrible when not in bright light.
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Originally Posted by lukester01 View Post
The question I need to pose to the community is this; is the S5 capable of taking a photo of a moving object (slowly) in good lighting and getting both the focus right and the shutter speed fast enough to not blur the image?
Of course not, see the review http://www.cnet.com/news/lg-g3s-lase...t-to-the-test/ LG G3 has fastest focus and shutter speed out there, miles higher than all Galaxy s1ht

Originally Posted by lukester01 View Post
Why is my ancient Rezound capable, but my G2 and G3 not capable of this?
Bcause Rezound just took trash photos of poor quality and if you'll try to make similar photos with Rezound you'll get blurr everywhere
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Default another rigged review?

I used that review as justification to purchase the camera. The faster focus never helped ot capture a moving object without blur. In fact most of the S5 photos I believe look better. I found a more scientific review that actually compared shutter speeds and it is clear that the F2. 2 lenses and larger sensor of the S5 do better with motion capture. Even with flash they showed that the S5 would take a photo 1/33 with the LG going to 1/25. Science doesn't lie. Bigger sensor, faster lense, and better choices combined with modes that allow you to prioritize shutter make for a camera that can capture a moving object, to an extent, without blur. My old Sony point and shoot would always choose 1/25 for Flash also and it makes for blur if the subject moves.

You must not have had a Rezound because it was a very good camera phone. Wife used it as a veternarian to take dog eye pictures and it rarely blurred an image even with the animal moving.
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Originally Posted by beezar View Post
The real question is if they have improved the camera in low-light conditions with moving objects. The LG G2 stock camera suffered BADLY in trying to shoot pictures of moving objects in low light conditions.

In addition, the stock G2 camera denoising algorithm was way too aggressive leading to watercolor-like pictures, again especially in low-light.

Glad they tried to address the slow focus issue with the G2 by implementing laser focus.
This is exactly what I am experiencing on my G3. Can anybody direct me to a thread where they are discussing a solution to this issue of de-noising or watercolor-like pictures?
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