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Hy friends of uusafe Team, I was busy for few days, but Im here again. Thanks a lot for mention me in your thread
The last update is quite improved with adding the reminder for apps with massive wakeups feature, which is clearly necessary (in my opinion). I can also see the multiselection app feature is also readded. Im however still missing the little icons next to each app to indicate what have you disabled or not in each app. I have also to report that I had a dangerous bug with the inmediate previous version of this app, because I dont know why, after purifying some apps on my device, when rebooting, it entered in a loop rebooting and rebooting again and I could not even to make a factory reset to fix it, so I had to flash it to new (I was lucky because I had the firm and the tools necessary to do it ). Good job and keep this way. Kind regards