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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think my kernel is even included in slimkat rom. It should work on both if they use the bcmdhd wifi driver

On a side note: I now own a LG G3. That means i can use my O2X as a development phone So when I have some spare time, I will make a new update for the kernel!
Sweet! I bought the LG 2X just for the sake of wanting to try it out. Its an odd hobby, but I got this baby for $40 so I ain't gonna complain anything. It will be used a lot I'd say :P

My main device is still a Nexus 5.

Device Name: Nexus 5
ROM: Rastakat(all variants)/ Velocity
Kernel: Trinity

Other Device: Nexus S/ Nexus Prime/ Nexus 7/ Nexus 10/ LG O2X

Devices I meddled with(rough chronological order):
Google Nexus 7(2012), Google Nexus Prime(my new daily), Google Nexus 5(my girlfriend), Google Nexus 4(Sold), Google Nexus S(for everything else), Samsung Galaxy Note(sold), LG Optimus 4X(sold), HTC Sensation XE Pyramid(sold), Samsung Galaxy Wonder(sold)