Default bootloader/recovery version?

I am currently running the CyanogenMod port on my A500 but ever since upgrading my phone to KK 4.4.4 I really wanted to try it on my tablet. What bootloader and recovery did you guys have when you installed OmniRom? I have Skrilax_CZ v8 and I was wondering if I should go to v9 before flashing CWM and Omni. Here is what I currently have:

Acer Iconia A500
Kernel: 3.1.10-digetx-thor-4.4micro
Skrilax_CZ Bootloader v8 0.03.14-MUL
ClockworkMod Recovery 5.5.0.x Thor 1.7.3

Thanks in advance. I am backing up now and will report back after flashing.

P.S. - Can I install my own custom boot animation after everything is set up?