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Thats why I said "I want to flash Win 8.1" ...

So, on 1.12 and 1.13 the touchscreen in Android does not work properly (at least it does work).

When I install Windows, the touchscreen does not work any more. I installed using 1.13. Then, after it didnt work, I downgraded to 1.12 and installed Windows again. Still, the touchscreen doesnt work after all.

In the Device Manager I have an "!" next to the "I2C HID". "The device cannot start (Code 10)" and "Returned an invalid HID descriptor"... same as someone on some spanish website: http://www.forocoches.com/foro/showt...3673120&page=5

Any ideas?
The same happened to me when I installed windows 8.1 from 1.11 (I am that user in forocoches that wrote the post you mention ).
I made the touch screen work by just going back to android using firmware 1.12 and then installing windows 8.1 again. Maybe you could try going directly to 1.12 and install windows from there, instead of downgrading from 1.13. I think 1.13 was created due to the complains for the touchscreen response made by the users that returned to android to 1.12. Is your tablet version HKC1 or HKC2?

I have just seen that as Logseman says, one user fixed the same problem in hispatablets forum: