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+1 !

I'm thinking of buying the Z Ultra, any update about porting 4K and Timeshift video recording ?

That will be so damn great !! This phone deserves it !

But great job to all the devs anyway !
Actually noone is working on this now. I think that it's mostly by people like you that clutter this thread with non-development stuff. In the first post of this thread you see me repeatedly asking people not to post anything that's not helpful in here. I created a separate thread for non dev discussion. Now if I'd like to get back to development then I'd have to go many pages back instead of just opening this thread and see what have other tried and where we have stopped with development. This stuff doesn't make things fun to do and most of us are doing this for fun. I even reported offtopic posts here repeatedly. I MEAN LIKE EIGHT-8 TIMES! Eventually I just gave up and since this thread is cluttered, people are unable to read and post useless stuff for development then in the end it's not fun to do this anymore and makes it harder than it already is. If @lagalaga, @Riyal or @showlyshah will get back to it or remind me where have we left off and people would actually stop cluttering this thread then I'll probably try to do this.
At this point? Not a chance.
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