August 22nd, 2014 - PA 4.5 Beta 2 REBUILD
  • New Recents are still crashing on Evita, to bring up the option to switch back and forth, reset your 'Recents card stack view' option in Settings > Backup & Reset > Personalization and then bring up the recents screen. Select 'No' to continue using the AOSP view.
  • Updated with the kernel and firmware changes from CM to use their fixed (after TWO YEARS) configuration. Proper Wi-Fi behavior on AOSP-based ROMs for the Evita (and Ville/One S) is finally here! Huge thanks to Matt Mower for his persistence on this aggravating issue that has plagued us for so long.
  • Due to the changes in WiFi described above, PLEASE be careful when installing kernels. Torched MUST be at least version 4.8 (latest), and Bubba Kernel hasn't been updated yet, so avoid it.
  • No other changes from the previous build of Beta 2. Check back next week.

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