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My dad bought his when it came out and he had same problem... it is hardware problem and he took it to repair many times and all they did was software reinstall and diagnostics... nothing changed, its too expensive to open waterproof phone and seal it again... its still in repair and as soon it gets back, it goes there again because still... nothing changes... sony has no good service here in Finland so there is nowhere to call and they arent gonna give him new phone until it has been on repair many many times... each repair takes a month to finish so he gets new Z2 in a year... in that time Z3 is out and Z2 price is down to half of what he paid of it then... only way is to return the phone, but its the same, they just do software reinstall and do diagnostics and record audio, and thats fine, but they arent gonna call anyone to hear the real problem... and then they just wont take the phone back... tried...
Device: Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) Purple Unbranded/Unlocked Stock 4.4 Kitkat, Rooted/Xposed and Locked Bootloader.

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