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I'm 100% it's the right gapps, since it's the same for all KK gapps (4.4.x)

I will try your other suggestions in the morning, thanks for your help
Actually, there are kk 4.4.2, and kk 4.4.4, and I've seen 4.4.3 gapps
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Note 3, Bobcat ROM w/Ultimate Kernel & Operation Killjoy
Galaxy Gear, Null ROM w/Triangulum Kernel & Operation Killjoy
S5, Alliance ROM with Blaze Kernel & Operation Killjoy
Nexus 7, Clean ROM w/Elemental X Kernel & Operation Killjoy

S4, Hyperdrive ROM & Operation Killjoy
S3, Resurrection Remix ROM
Tab Pro 10.1, Stock ROM, Rooted
Tab 2 10.1, OmniROM

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