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Is this notion different for the n8 vs all other devices?

I honestly never hear of not needing root for custom rom

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Sounds interesting could you give me a link for the n8?
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I think he meant you could flash a ROM that is already rooted once you have a custom recovery installed and not have to worry about rooting it yourself, although that's always been just a flash of a superuser zip file from recovery for me.

Be advised though that once you are using a Samsung KNOX enabled bootloader (like the KitKat 4.4.2 version for the Note 8.0) either of those actions (flashing recovery or ROM) will trip the KNOX flag and void your warranty. Some people have said they were able to root without tripping that flag by using an app that invokes an exploit to gain temporary root and install the required bin files, but I haven't tested that on my N5110 since I always intended to flash custom ROM's and kernels.

Yeah that's exactly what i meant, since almost all custom ROMs come with root anyway. If not simply flash the supersu zip after the ROM and you'll have root. Sorry for not being clearer earlier. I've been running the new bootloader ever since it came out too. Not too concerned with the KNOX flag since I'm not planning on returning it or anything. I think my flag count is around 500-600 right now.