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I was running out of space in /data because I have a lot of apps and was using ART instead of Dalvik. PA 4.45 is missing the "Move App to SD Card" option in settings (maybe 4.5 fixed this?) so I was prepared to give up the speed boost and go back to Dalvik when I remembered the Qualcomm Optimized Dalvik thread from a while back. Flashed that after reverting and now my phone is actually faster than it was on ART! I couldn't use it when it first came out because I was still on Viper and it only worked on AOSP based roms with Krait-based Qualcomm chipsets. I encourage you guys to give it a try also because it's been working flawlessly so far and switching back to Dalvik freed up over 500MB in /data and uses a bit less RAM.

Also, yes you have to use the CM11 version.
This patch indeed make my phone felt snappier! Highly recommended.
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