If your phone is flashed to another carrier and you didn't do it yourself you probably just want to leave it how it is.

XAS wont display sprint boot and power down animations. The phone comes with 4 different ones. sprint, samsung, boost, and virgin that can all be set. XAS gives you the samsung one.(like debranded phone)

But yea unless you know the process to setup the phone for reliance or have someone who can do it again for you I would advise to leave it alone.

But if you are brave take an nv backup in dfs or qpst's software download (even better would be to dd these partitions [mmcblk0p12 13 &18]) and only then take the steps I mentioned previously with the stock recovery. Alternately get a nandroid from someone on the same software version. You will probably want to have sprintdm.apk removed to be safe. Either way take nv backup before moving forward especially if you don't know how to flash a phone to reliance.

Go into apn's and write down your settings for them. and BE ADVISED the "enable hotspot" in my app is for phones on Sprint only!

Once you get the menu items added we (should hopefully) be able to enable them.