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Logcat tells us!!
I dont know how to get logcat because when I use a logcat app and then start bombusmod systemui fc and I cant do anything else after that including saveing the logcat file!

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I could get a screenshot, Hope it will let you find a solution(I gave you the link of bombusmod so you could see yourself)
The problem is when I start Bombusmod(link here) systemui force closes after and after and I have to reboot my phone
this is the screenshot from the moment of FC(you can see that there is no navbar):

the is another problem, navbar and statusbar are black all the time and are not invisible in home, can you make this systemui compatible with this home (ported by @Sahaab HERE
and the last problem is that back button is very big any fix for that?!

Im testing all of this on my xSP existenz 4.0.0 android 4.3
I hope you have the time to help me, thanks

Edit: I dont know what's wrong with my screenshot but no way I could upload it anywhereso I got another screenshot from my pc