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Yes, you need the modified one, I attached it.
change it to -rw-r--r-- and make sure you have renamed the original and odex first.
This hasn't worked for me, unfortunately.

I renamed the apk and odex that existed in the /system/app, and copied this file in. I set it's permissions as suggested above. tethering didnt work before / after reboot.

Tried a factory reset too in hopes that would force the new apk to install, still no change.

Went ahead and wiped all files with the word "tethering" in it, except for this file of ours. Also wiped the dalvik cache to force reinstall system APKs. Nada.

After all this I still get the "Mobile data is not available or invalid SIM" error message.

Does anyone have a solution? I would like to be able to enable wifi tethering on the stock ROM if possible! Thanks!