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Just curious if anyone has experienced this problem I have all of a sudden got.

My phone rings just once, (cycles the ring tone only once) but keeps vibrating until answered or goes to voicemail. This just started yesterday and I have since reinstalled the rom fresh. Still does it. I have read that this could be a glitch or bug. I also checked all the ring tones and they are OGG file format. I have tried to add the tag "ANDROIDLOOP=TRUE" to the ringtone and still no luck. I have quiet settings off. I didn't change anything in the OS that was sound affiliated.

Now the only change I have made to the phone is I upgraded my Hboot to 2.18 a few days ago. The easy way out I guess is to revert back to 2.14 but it was working just fine after the update.

Any suggestions anyone?
Thanks y'all.
Reverted back to 2.14. All is working and back to normal. The ring tone issue is the actual file not having the tag ANDROID_LOOP=true. I'll figure that out later. I was having other sound issues though so not sure what's up with updated Hboot. It was Evita and AT&T and for my HOX. Oh well.

*Edit If making your own ringtones, I used Audacity. To save use the export option. It will automatically bring up the metadata editor before save.Click add then enter ANDROID_LOOP in the description box then next to it enter; true. I used ES File Explorer to transfer the file to /system/media/audio/ringtones and then changed the permissions on other so that it can read, write and execute. Works perfect.

Hope this helps if anyone was wondering.