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Maybe one could also edit the script and add a sleep delay of 120 for example

Edit: this could also delay the scripts executed after the edited one. Then one would need to create another script, which executes the original script by adding an & at the end of the call. The original script should be moved outside of init.d then
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That isn't helping there, the problem was that the shell script ran after init.d scripts finished, the developer has acknowledged and solved it, but due to being busy, just is having a bit of delay with Release.

Edit : that your method seems useful, maybe someone using a Touchwiz ROM for now can a give a try to it. I remember @ph03n!x is using Touchwiz ROM+Nadia kernel for now, so maybe he can test.

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Ah I thought that he already released the fixed kernel version. My bad then.
My script has the 60s delay but it's useless in this case. Smanager is the temporary answer and it is easy for everyone to use - I will not release new script version just to get around that bug, just to do it all over again when fixed kernel is released

Thank you @DerTeufel1980 for taking time to answer here in my thread I wish you would release a kernel for Note3
I would be happy to test it for you
@DerTeufel1980 - the 'bug' with the Nadia kernel is that run-parts is called from a script called nadia.sh (in /sbin), and after running run-parts for init.d, the nadia.sh script sets default values for cpu frequency, governor, mDNIE, GPU voltages, and a few other parameters. So even if a script in init.d has a sleep of 120 or is executed with &, the values set from init.d will be overwritten by the default values in nadia.sh because after run-parts (and hence the whole init.d and scripts called through it) nadia.sh will still set the defaults before exiting itself. I had manually edited the initrd.gz and removed the default values from nadia.sh for my use (my post in the Nadia thread)...

Pafcholini had said that this has been modified for a future version that is still being tested, and the next release will not have this default value bug.
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