I have an XT1028 (Boost Mobile) flashed to Page Plus Cellular, a Verizon MVNO.

As a long time Gummy user, I am happy to be running it on this phone. My only issue has been frequent soft-reboots. but they aren't that big a deal since the entire process takes about 15 seconds.

That being said, I have observed and duplicated a major issue that may be important for those who have flashed a XT1028 to Page Plus and are using CWM recovery. If I use the built in updater in Gummy to try and install the latest nightly, it uses the stock recovery which seems to corrupt the flash permanently.

Even flashing back to stock and then with Verizon firmware and reprogramming manually in DFS does not make the phone work!

It turns out that somehow my ESN was purged/banned from the network! This makes no sense to me but I have duplicated it 3 times on two different phones.

An ESN reauthorization (not a simple "reset" ) was required by Page Plus in order for the phone to work again... And the phone and 3G connected as soon as they issued it.

Weird, wild stuff.

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