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This is crazy! I just put my spare t-mobile sim card into my Verizon S4 and put in the correct APN settings and it picked up 4G LTE immediately. I only got edge speed on my S3, but that's correct, since that's all the bands that the S3 has.

i live in fayetteville nc and i picked up 4glte on net10 piggybacking of att but i didnt notice it while i was working today on the other side of town i picked up 4glte on att and then when i go closer to home its went back to h+ i read what yall said so im in a rare area in fayetteville that my verzion s4 picks it up 4glte but im running a stock room 4.4.2 kitkat i just got it back yesterday from samsung i has to wait 18 days for repair lol but i hope att uses aws more tho