Phone ICS on Open

Hello people! The ICS rom works almost perfect, sometimes it has some low performane but most of the time works great.

I have followed the next steps (thanks to linr76):
  • First i have flashed the rom after doing linr76 steps (because i had a bootloop)
  • Then i have flashed the gapps for cm9 (because gapps wasn't working)
  • After that i installed Link2SD for a better performance
  • Then i have partitioned my SD Card with cwm and with Link2SD made it an ext4 partition

As i said before after doing that, the systems seems to be working great but with some lag.

For the ones who were asking about the multi touch on Open with Android

At this time i haven't found any issues with the multi touch, I even installed some gba emulators to test it The problem seems to be in FFOS.

Sorry for my bad english and i hope you found this useful.