Default Are you planning an M10 release?

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I have been meaning to do an updated version but i have been a bit strapped for time. When i do it should fix the reboots.

- Now that CM11 M10 is out (and our beloved Acro S has been snubbed again), are you planning to put out an M10 release with the fixes you mention above?

- CM11 M10 specifically mentions working ANT+ support for a number of devices that support ANT+. Will your next release fully support the ANT+ features of the Acro S (hikari)?

- Also, would you please consider patching the ROM source with OpenPDroid before building (or producing a second/parallel build with OpenPDroid)? It has no effect (as long as ART is not enabled) for most users who either don't know what pdroid is or don't care AND, it encourages and enables those who do know what PDroid is to use your rom