So. does my code set the variables or not?

What i like about your changes is the debug stuff. I think i could merge that.
What i don't like is the code that i commented out. I did that for a good reason. I don't think that has ever worked.

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I moved the query for KitKat to the main part, so that the kitkat variable and temp location (not cache) is set rightaway for KitKat. Look at the diff-report html file (in to see what changed in the script. I took your script from today to compare to. This is only to make sure the kitkat logical is set for all options. I myself am trying to debug to see whether I can extract the /system partition (needed also for the rooting from scratch process, and I want to test if the telnet server is started).
What I could do is make an extract of the code purely to see if A1-810 KK extract works with MTK Logger (there is no visual feedback on whether commands are accepted in the MTK Logger screen). But the check on telnetd being alive crashes as seen in my last log.

Question: why do you use shell input keyevent KEYCODE_SPACE to stuff a space instead of the %s method for getting a soft space into the input. Would that generate different spaces for the other side...
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