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Screen keeps turning off

2nd April 2014, 05:53 PM   |  #21  
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This thread did concern me, so I played 4 movies from start to end.
The screen did not shut off and I have a Samsung OEM case.

The tablet was standing, will do some tests folding it over but I did buy the case so I can watch without holding the tablet for a few hours. Hope when I play movies with the cover folded behind it works but for me it is not a deal breaker.
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2nd April 2014, 07:47 PM   |  #22  
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did you have the case to display at an angle, or was it totally flipped over where the top covered the back of the tablet?
1st August 2014, 06:27 AM   |  #23  
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I have had my note pro for over a week with no case at all. It keeps Turing off on me. I have a otterbox now and still the same issue. Any ideas?
1st August 2014, 11:19 AM   |  #24  
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Originally Posted by Paradog79

I have had my note pro for over a week with no case at all. It keeps Turing off on me. I have a otterbox now and still the same issue. Any ideas?

Whats your screen turn off setting under settings > display > screen timeout?

Alternatively, you could just enable smart screen.. (the 'keep on when I'm looking' setting. Smart Stay I think.)

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1st August 2014, 05:08 PM   |  #25  
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P905 same issue here, caused by the book cover ofcoz! Makes me mad.
Are you guys sure that it's the magnet sensor?

Well, the issue seems to be related to the horizontal position of the tablet (it starts going crazy only when lying flat on the surface - BUT also when I hold it "in the air" in a same, "lying" position), which is determined by a sensor called accelerometer, which is responsible for determining the rotation of the device relative to the source of the gravity (ie. the core of the Earth) ;] That is why I suppose that the issue is caused by accelerometer, and not by magnetic sensor!

afaik magnet sensor is included to provide compass-related functionality (ie. determine the rotation of the device relative to the position of the magnetic pole of the Earth) and may help to determine the directions of the world, but not the rotation of the device - and the issue seems to happen irrespectively to the direction in which the tablet is heading (north, south, etc.) ;] I'm not an Einstein so I may be wrong, maybe someone has enough knowledge to confirm that.

Another thing: the magnet built in into the cover is causing it when the cover is fully opened and folded to the back of the device. But it is not causing it alone. Well, I am not a professional physician, but I think that the magnetic field created by the cover when it's turned back - and in result, its influence on device's hardware - has to be quite similiar neverthless of the device rotation, as the magnetic field does not depend on gravity or something. And here, the magnet turns off the screen ONLY when the device is "rotated" in a particular way, ie. lying flat...

And how the hell does it interfere with accelerometer? Afaik it's rather strictly mechanical part, not an electric one, at most the electric components are responsible for converting the readings to a digital form and nothing more. Also, the rear cover is quite thick, and it also shall weaken the magnetic field before it reaches the device.

In summary: I can see no relation between both (and both vital...) factors causing the issue. So, I also don't believe that the book cover is faulty. Of course, I may be simply wrong but...

Well, I wonder if the issue is not really... an unfinished feature which has not been fully implemented (and also not fully removed from retail firmware) ;] Something like: "the tablet will be on when kept in hand; when you finish your work, put the tablet flat on the table and it will turn off automatically", Smart Keep or something, hmmm? Maybe the issue can be solved with a software fix, ie. some configuration of sensors within /system/etc files or by changing some values in the settings database...?
4th August 2014, 02:06 AM   |  #26  
SketchySean's Avatar
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I bought a case with a keyboard from Amazon, and I noticed that it also turns on and off by itself. Weird.
21st August 2014, 09:42 AM   |  #27  
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So reporting back, I have this case: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Whenever my tablet slides up a little, my capacitive buttons and even my physical home button wouldn't work and it would shut off the screen. It's SO annoying because I use it in class and when my tablet shifts a little, my screen would turn off and the only way to unlock it is with the unlock button on the side.
27th September 2014, 12:32 PM   |  #28  
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The following solved the turning-off problem for me...
I took the metal lid of a preserving jar (no aluminium; a magnet needs to adhere to it) and cut it with a usual kitchen scissors, so that I have a flat piece of metal. I bend it on two opposite sides so that it exactly fits to the cases relief on the right lower side of the camera opening. I fix this with a crÍpe tape like you can see on the picture. The fix is very thin and it does not impact (scratch or so) an inserted device. With this, the device no longer turnes off unintentionally in any position.
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