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[FIRMWARE] Flash KitKat the EASY Way!!!! or Go back to JellyBean

OP SuperSport

8th January 2015, 09:39 AM   |  #261  
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Newbee here .. need help on my new G2
Hi All,
I got AT&T G2 with andriod 4.2 and unlocked it and rooted it using ioroot 10. I did 2 OTA update from AT&T and now my version showing 4.2.2 and Build # JDQ39B & Software version - D80010q.

How should I update to latest version of android 4.4.2 for G2 from AT&T. This thread talk about fresh installation KitKat 4.4.2 D80020c . But then I will loose everything. Is there any other way to update to 4.4.2 with D80020c and don't loose anything. I want to keep my root and unlocking and also want custom recovery menu as well.

I have read through G2 forum but kinda lost. Any pointer with link will be helpful.

12th January 2015, 05:39 PM   |  #262  
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Originally Posted by SuperSport

KitKat the EASY Way!!!!
Or, go back to 4.2.2 JellyBean

If you are going to return your phone back to warranty, I would suggest this method in this thread as it does a COMPLETE wipe of your device and puts it back to 'Factory'. It removes Root Flags so it does not show having been rooted, and removes ALL data.

Disclaimer: This is not MY method, but a method I used. The information and files have been figured out over time by many individuals and it's been combined in this thread.

This thread is to help Noobs AND Veterans to flash their ATT D800 LG G2 to KitKat. This will be very spelled out, and I’ve even included a video (see below), so NO Mistakes. Yes, that means you!

PLEASE refer to the Video Below before asking questions, as too many questions get a little overwhelming.

Warning! Please Read!

This WILL erase everything on your phone and put it back to FACTORY STATE, so be sure you’ve backed up!

Ok, first thing you need to do is download the version you want. I’ve got KitKat 4.4.2 version D80020c, and I’ve got JellyBean 4.2.2 version D80010o. These are VERY LARGE files, so be patient, although I am able to get as much as 6MB/s download speeds from this server.

Download Installer - KitKat 4.4.2 D80020c - This Flashes Stock KitKat, WITHOUT Root, and WITHOUT Recovery. - Use TowelRoot and AutoRec to get Root and Custom Recovery. - Single File LARGE archive. KK MIRROR DOWNLOAD
D80020c Split Archive Download - This is the same archive as above, but split into smaller pieces for easy download.

Download Installer - JellyBean 4.2.2 D80010o - Single File LARGE archive. JB MIRROR DOWNLOAD
D80010o Split Archive Download - This is the same archive as above, but split into smaller pieces for easy download..

Download Installer - JellyBean 4.2.2 D80010d - This is for those who want to install Custom Recovery and not update to KK... - Single File LARGE archive.

Now, for the fun stuff (You may want to print this out for reference and check them off as you go)

1. Be sure your phone is currently running a Compatible based ROM. If not, please flash a Custom Compatible Based ROM onto your phone. (ie: If you have a D800, be sure you have a D800 ROM on it. If you have a D802, be sure you have a D802 based ROM on it.)
2. Be sure you have turned on USB Debugging before starting.

Step #1: Program Installation:
1. Save the installer to your desktop
2. Run the Installer by double clicking
3. Wait a while for everything to extract (It might look like nothing is happening. This can take a few minutes, be patient, it’s HUGE)
4. (On Win7 or Win8, Accept User Account Control)
5. Accept my License
6. Don't Change Anything and click ‘Install’
7. Wait some more… and more… Large files are extracting…
8. When it pops up, click ‘Next’ to install the LG drivers. Even if you’ve already installed them, install again! This is to verify you’ve got the right ones installed.
9. Click ‘OK’ to finish the Driver install
10. Click ‘Next to install the LG Flash Tool
11. Don't Change Anything and click ‘Install’
12. Uncheck ‘Run LGFlashTool and click ‘Finish’ (If you forget to uncheck this, just close the program when it opens)
13. Click ‘Next’ to start the LGFlashTool Patch. (This makes it so you don’t need to change the date back on your PC)
14. Click ‘Next’ again
15. Click the bullet to ‘Agree to my License’ and then click ‘Next’
16. Don't Change Anything and click ‘Next’
17. Click ‘Start’
18. Click ‘Next’
19. Click ‘Exit’ to finish Patch Installer
20. Congratulations, Program Installations are all DONE!

Step #2: Place Phone into Download Mode:
1. With phone NOT plugged into a USB Cable, Hold the Power button to turn off phone
2. Plug your USB cable into your computer
3. Hold the Volume UP Button on your Phone
4. While Still Holding the Volume UP button, plug in the USB cable to your Phone
5. Continue to hold the Volume UP button until your phone enters Download Mode
6. If this does not work, pull the USB cable and start from #1 of this section

Step #3: Change Com Port to 41
1. With your phone STILL in Download Mode and STILL Plugged into Computer
2. Go into Device Manager
---a. Press and hold your Windows Key (Between CTRL and ALT)
---b. Tap the ‘Pause/Break’ Key (Usually Top Right of Keyboard, might be different on yours)
---c. Click on ‘Device Manager’
3. In the Device List, scroll down to ‘Ports (COM & LPT) and double click to expand
4. Find the ‘LGE AndroidNet USB Serial Port (COM4)’ (Your COM Port Number might be different, that’s OK)
5. Double click to open the port
6. On the Tabs at the top of that screen, click on ‘Port Settings’
7. Click on ‘Advanced…’
8. Click on the Com Port number to drop down the list
9. Scroll down to ‘COM41’ and select it
10. Click ‘OK’ Button to save that
11. Click ‘OK’ Button to close the Com Port Properties
12. Close the Device Manager
13. Close the System Window
14. Go back to the Desktop
15. That’s it, You’ve Changed the Com Port to 41

Step #4: Run LGFlashTool:
1. Double Click the ‘LGFlashTool’ icon on the Desktop (Win7 or Win8 accept ‘User Account Control’)
2. In the ‘Model Config’ window, check the box ‘Select Manual Mode’
3. Next to the DLL space, click the Three Dots ‘…’
4. Select the DLL file named ‘LGD800_.....v160.dll’
---a. For 4.4.2 KitKat, select ‘LGD800_20130811_LGFLASHv160.dll’
---b. For 4.2.2 JellyBean, select ‘LGD800_20130904_LGFLASHv160.dll’
5. Click the ‘Open’ Button
6. Next to the S/W space, click the ‘Remove ALL’ Button
7. Next to the S/W space, click the ‘Add’ Button
8. Select the tot file for the version you are flashing
---a. For 4.4.2 KitKat, select ‘LGD800AT-01-V20c-310-410-FEB-02-2014+0.tot’
---b. For 4.2.2 JellyBean, select ‘LGD800AT-01-V10o-310-410-OCT-19-2013+0.tot’
9. Click the ‘Open’ Button
10. Click ‘OK’ Button to save choices
11. In the LG FlashTool program, click the ‘Yellow Arrow’ pointing to the Right.
12. Wait for the program to verify your DLL and TOT selections (This takes a while)
13. If successful, you will see ‘READY!!’ on ‘Port 1 (COM41)’
14. If you DON’T see ‘READY!!’, you may need to start over
15. If you see ‘READY!!’ unplug your phone from the USB cable and Plug it right back in. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS ON YOUR PHONE. It should STILL be in Download Mode.
16. The LG FlashTool progam will now start flashing your phone!!
17. At around 80%, the program will restart your phone.
18. It takes a while for the phone to restart, but it will boot to Android. Wait for the flash program to finish and it will turn your phone back OFF. And give you a ‘SUCCESS”

IF for some reason, the LG FlashTool does not finish 100%, and you get a ‘Fail’, as long as your phone has now rebooted into Android, you don’t need to worry about this. Just close the program, and enjoy your Freshly Restored LG G2!

For anyone having issue with the device check not passing due to mismatched device (caused by flashing a Custom ROM with Different device model ID to your D800: ie, D801 to a D800 or vice versa.), try using the attached dll file instead of the device specific one. It has been reported to work for many... You will need to extract the zip file to get the dll.

will this work on osX? (mac)
13th January 2015, 03:49 AM   |  #263  
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Originally Posted by Technowhiteboi

will this work on osX? (mac)

Can't you boot into windows with your mac?
13th January 2015, 08:21 PM   |  #264  
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Originally Posted by williethewolf

Now it won't pass the LG logo and it won't go into recovery. Then I tried to go into download mode and that worked, so i though I could fix it from there.
I downloaded your bundle (the kit kat, but since I've tried jelly bean as well) and after following all the steps it will not start the download.
This is what i get:
BIN:LGD800aAT-01-V20c-(cant keep reading does not fit, but I tried the other tot files as well)
Device model is different!
Check phone or DLL
As suggested in the first post, I tried using the DLL at the end with similar result.
I tired using the LG mobile support tool and recognizes my phone as having installed the latest software (D80020Y)
I though of flash TWRP using ADB but I does not recognize any device.
I'm absolutely desperate at this point. I have no clue what to do next.
Anyone had anything similar?
After unplugging and leaving it alone for a while I was able to trigger again the twrp recovery and sideload a random rom using adb (I picked Slim because I had it on a phone before long time ago, but I would have prefer to stick to the stock one) and I was able to start up the phone normally. But I'm still unable to return the phone to stock for the same reason a before. Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated.

Thank you for putting this package together!

It really sounds like your phone and PC are not talking to each other. I would try another cable, and/or another PC. If no other PC is available, check that your drivers are installed properly.
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14th January 2015, 04:08 AM   |  #265  
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Worth a shot
Originally Posted by SuperSport

It really sounds like your phone and PC are not talking to each other. I would try another cable, and/or another PC. If no other PC is available, check that your drivers are installed properly.

It's definitely worth a shot. I would be shocked if that was the reason as I'm able to run adb, use the usb mass storage, the drivers seem to work right and I'm using the stock USB, but at this point it can't hurt trying something like that. Specially the different PC, just in case.

The funny thing is that I started this process not only because I wanted to be able to OTA and I was fairly happy with the stock but because the phone seem to randomly crash, go into a bootloop and then finally start up normally 10 min later. After a whole week, with a factory wipe, new rom, new modem and using both delvik and ART, and everything working fine, I got again today the same issue (even though after doing another wipe seems to be working fine now) I'm starting to grow concern about having a deeper hardware issue going on with my phone. I started to wonder if they **** up something last time it was sent to the LG facility. You know, they get it right before the warranty expires, by the time I get it back it's expired already...I wont be buying a new phone in the next coming year (as I just got mine serviced) and if they mess up something a little I will probably be a returning customer sooner.

Hopefully all this will give my phone a clean slate and solve all these problems.

Thanks for your reply!
20th January 2015, 12:27 AM   |  #266  
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Thank you for this..

I got a D800 via swappa and think this will help get my modems and firmware in sync..

Is there a better/newer version than FEB 2014 / V20c?

is there any reason for a newer one?

I see there is some 20y thread..

Agreed it's another 30+ minutes.. is there a benefit?

Thanks in advance.

Looking to run CloudyG2 2.2 and dorimanx 9.7 (latest of both as of this writing..)


I would suggest adding a step of "Close LG FlashTool".

I unplugged my phone so I could turn it on, when I plugged it back it, it rebooted into download mode and reflashed the device..

No harm done, just not expected..
Last edited by Mystique; 20th January 2015 at 12:32 AM.
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