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[ROM][28.10.2014] Unofficial Cyanogenmod 11.0 [4.4.4]

23rd December 2014, 03:54 PM |#941  
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Please do it
I downgraded to aurora before a month because CM11 was very slow(at least the last versions). I was waiting for CM12 to give another try.
24th December 2014, 01:38 PM |#942  
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Originally Posted by Blefish

I'm thinking of doing a first CM12 release. Almost everything works, I'm just now improving the memory allocation in Wi-Fi driver and updating accelerometer & magnetometer drivers. The only major issue is 720p recording, which produces green recording on stock camera & Google camera. Other camera apps procued correct 720p recording though.

Since Lollipop uses ART, I also enabled dex preoptimization. Without that first boot would take more than 20 minutes, and gapps would increase it even further. However enabling the preoptimization increases /system size to over 500MB, so BlePart-2 is becoming too small. I have to make another partition table for it, and it takes some time as updating partition table is very complicated. There is also a LVM partition table method, which would be a lot safer, however I am still investigating if it's worth it on our phone.


I asked for CM11 update plans and you are saying CM12 is in ready state. Man!!! I don't know how to appreciate you. Right now I am not in a position donating again to help your development efforts. But I want to thank you a lot. I wish you a Happy New Year ahead. By God's grace If I am good in new year, I would definitely try to help your development effort in one or other way.


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Originally Posted by mohammad.nomaan

Great News @Blefish
We know CM12 is still in its final stages for a stable version so we can wait till you get it and finish your next build
Im sure if you need ppl to test, we all are here to help you out
thnx for the brilliant work

I second @mohammad.nomaan. If you need any help testing, please do let us know.

26th December 2014, 03:51 PM |#943  
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I would also like to test your CM12 beta @Blefish
30th December 2014, 12:13 PM |#944  
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Thumbs up change default memory to internal sdcard?
hello blefish!! i have been using your rom for one month.. everything works well (if i insert micro sd ).. but i have a question.. what should i do to change default memory to internal sdcard..?
i do not use micro sd now, cause i use your blepart 2,1,, 1GB is enough for me,, just use my ideos x5 for wifi tethering, call and messaging..
your rom is use micro sd as default memory,, so camera is not working and i can't download from stock browser..
sorry for my bad bad bad english..
many thanks if you answer my questions..
regards, merry christmast and happy new year blefish
Last edited by dhikunthea; 30th December 2014 at 12:22 PM.
19th January 2015, 09:58 AM |#945  
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Originally Posted by Blefish


  • 404020 baseband installed (this is normally installed when upgrading to 2.3)
  • /system with at least 450MB available storage (BlePart 2.x recommended)
  • CWM recovery or TWRP Recovery (SELinux enabled)

  1. Download the latest version below.
  2. Save the ZIP to SD card & reboot to recovery.
  3. If coming from a different ROM, do factory reset.
  4. Install the ZIP.
    Optional: Install Google Apps.
  5. Reboot.

Bugs (in the latest version)
  • Atmel TS may not recognize finger release at all times (need to be confirmed).
  • Sometimes Wi-Fi has high power usage (need to be confirmed).
  • Synaptics TS sometimes fails to return from suspend (reboot to fix as a workaround).
  • TV out is not implemented.

Adjusted proximity sensor threshold to match stock.
Fixed bogus data sometimes coming from light/proximity sensor.
Minor adjustments to display backlight adjustment.
Added rmt_oeminfo binary to solve some issues with modem.
Reverted to dzo's CPU table.
Adjustments to power_profile.xml (changes Settings->Battery usage info).
Increased Synaptics resume delay from 50ms to 100ms (should improve TS resume from sleep).
General changes in kernel code.
Wi-Fi: Changed deep sleep settings.
Wi-Fi: Added back GPIOs.
Wi-Fi: Removed GPIO27 configuration.

Added error checks for pmem_wrapper.
Added support for flush_pmem_file/fd in pmem_wrapper.
Enabled newer APANIC_MMC driver.
Fixed a security bug in net.
Fixed NG (noise gate) enable in TPA2028D1.
Increased SF heap size by 2MB.
Reverted to 2.6.32 speaker & handset microphone config.
Reverted to 2.6.32 speaker & speaker amplifier config (should greatly improve music quality & loud speaker in calls).
Reconfigured Atmel TS with 2.6.32 parameters (greatly improving experience, reducing touch freeze to nearly zero).
Made proximity sensor report initial value after enabling (fixing proximity wake if enabled).
Improved magnetic sensor calibration code.
Disabled RIL debug socket (not working anyway).
Process RIL response codes properly (unsolicited).
Added support for getDataCallProfile in RIL.
Minor cleanups in camera HAL.
Disabled continuous auto-focus in preview mode (apps that support continuous-video can still use).
Store all ifaces properly in RIL (fixes MMS).
Supply active/status in RIL.
Rearranged media_codecs.xml
Enabled Qualcomm HW MP3 decoder.
Added entries for tcp delayed ack.
Fixed keyboards error with home key declaration.
Supply gateway with data call parameters in RIL.
Removed TARGET_ARCH_LOWMEM (testing).
Remove unused console entry when booting up (ttyDCC0 is not available on u8800 by default).
Wi-Fi: Remove all unused GPIOs.
Wi-Fi: Make sure wlan2 regulator is at 2.5v.
Wi-Fi: Disable pmapp vreg voting (may fail, which causes high power usage).

Disabled gapless mode (fixes some issues when LPA is enabled).
Removed ffmpeg h263/h264/mpeg4 entries (covered by HW & Google).
Updates to power HAL (from LX).
Increase light sensor multiplier to 5.0f
Use auto-brightness mapping from m7.
Sample proximity sensor data for both close/far.
Disabled MDP retire fence.
Remove more dead code from camera HAL.
Use custom virtual key mapping in recovery.
Fix BT power entries (in reversed order).
Added informative BT power class.
Enabled BT In-Band Sleep.
Increased BT serial baud-rate to 3MB.
Removed unneeded libmm-omxcore from build.
Disabled display HAL patch for PMEM support.
Enabled ION support in camera HAL.
Moved camera HAL out of Android namespace.
Enabled PMEM->ION wrapper (pmem now uses ION memory).
Added support for continuous auto focus (experimental).
Wi-Fi: Enable FW to handle probe requests.
Wi-Fi: Remove XO core voting.
Synced with kk_2.7-stable
Minor updates to ION cma heap.
Updated BFQ scheduler to v7r5.
Minor updates to various kernel drivers.
Disabled voltage battery driver (not used right now).
Delay Synaptics resume 50ms (experimental).
Disabled fluence in qdsp5v2.
Converted qdsp5v2 devices to ION.
Enabled Huawei battery driver (sends consumer events to modem).
Increase light/proximity sensor delay .5 ms.
Get battery voltage from modem.
Do not allow RPC to reconnect on reboot call.

Make sure accelerometer/magnetometer/touch screen power regulators are turned on/off when needed.
Minor changes with APS-12D driver.
Extend the list of CPU frequencies (experimental).
Reboot/shutdown is now faster in kernel side (IRQ is disabled properly).
Recovery: ADB sideload now works for zips up to 220MB.
Disabled FMEM for PMEM_ADSP heap.
Enabled CMA for PMEM_ADSP heap (increases available total memory when camera is not used).
Minor adjustments in kernel board code.
Disabled unsupported BT features (BLE, SMP).
Removed junk on init.qcom.rc.
Code optimizations in camera driver.
Wi-Fi: Sync with volans.
Wi-Fi: Add back XO buffer controls.
Wi-Fi: Make sure device mode is correct without P2P enabled (after volans sync).
Wi-Fi: Use board provided MAC address on Huawei U8800 (after volans sync).
Wi-Fi: Start/Stop SME sessions without completion variables (after volans sync).
Wi-Fi: Add back RF settling time config (after volans sync).
Wi-Fi: Set low SD clock frequency.

Enabled BFQ IO scheduler (v7r4).
Enabled deadline IO scheduler.
Removed unused modules.
Added cifs module.
Changed interrupt line to low (should help with TS issues).
Wi-Fi: Disabled early suspend deep sleep.
Wi-Fi: Sync with volans (includes changes to qcom_cfg.ini).
Added support to auto-update recovery (must be enabled manually in development options).
Decreased BT startup time by nearly one second.
Increased BT buffer size to 1024.
Supress wakelocks when RIL gets unsupported message.
Patched multiple Linux kernel security bugs.
Patched some kernel panics.
Enabled MM to use CMA heap (more memory when video encoder/decoder is not in use).
Enabled PMEM ADSP heap to use FMEM (more memory when camera is not in use).
Updated to kk-2.7-stable.
Added deferred timers to KSM.
Increased audio buffer size.
Added availability to use phone as USB keyboard/mouse (
Disabled EXT2 (EXT4 handles it).
Disabled VCAP (not used).
Disabled video adapters & tuners (not used).
Disabled unused ethernet drivers (not used).
Set LSM mmap minimum address to 4096.
Enabled faster USB scheduler.
Use default memory allocator (SLUB).
Disabled KGSL shadow writes (should solve some GPU errors).
Enabled various networking options.
Added new Synaptics driver.
Increased MM heap size (some apps failed to use video decoder).
Changed DCDC bus config (used for charger).
Enabled RCU boost.
Enabled APANIC driver (on hard crash, logs dumped to /data/dontpanic/)
Removed CMUpdater (as it is not useful on this ROM).

Fixed SIM lock status (can now be enabled/disabled & changed properly).
Added more CPU frequencies (1.5-1.8 GHz).
Changed microphone configuration in handset & speaker mode (48KHz for all types, according to stock).
Added newer Adreno libraries (AU_LINUX_ANDROID_KK_2.7_RB1.
Patched a new exploit found in Linux kernel (
Temporary: partially reverted Theme Engine (fixes SystemUI lockups & high memory usage).

Updated to kk-2.7-stable.
Added BT/WLAN MAC address configuration to IDEOSX5Settings.
Wi-Fi: Restart wlan module from start.
Wi-Fi: Remove GPIO20 configuration (SD card detect on U8800).
Wi-Fi: Read MAC address from kernel (on U8800).
Wi-Fi: Sync with volans (fixes Wi-Fi hotspot).
Restart audio, media codecs configuration.
Restart audio policy configuration.
Allow BT/WLAN mac address to be read from kernel (/sys/hwprops/)
Reduced Torch low brightness (128 vs 64). If it's too dim you can always enable high brightness.
Enable SD eject option.
Fixed an issue where "Please replug headset" was shown after reboot (no need to replug in that case).
Disable LPA (to manually enable, /system/build.prop : lpa.decode=true)
Enabled ffmpeg codecs.

Added S/N reading from kernel side.
Synced wifi changes from prima (mostly code style related).
Wi-Fi should now start always (bug introduced in the last release).
Updated to kk-2.7-stable.
Reverted to stock audio configuration.
Added new TPA2028D1 driver.
Improved Synaptics TS (should not freeze anymore).
Increased USB power budget to allow more devices to connect.

Added S/N reading.
Adjust zRAM settings for better performance
Adjust KSM settings for better performance
Added /sdcard -> /storage/sdcard0 for some apps.
hwmac -> hwprops
Fixed wifi memory deallocation problem on exit.
Added multiple changes to wifi from prima driver.
Removed more dead code from the kernel.
Fixed portrait videos rotation below 720p.
Fixed camera EXIF data for maker & model.
Fixed third party camera software (Focal).
Added possibility to mask mass storage as cdrom (DriveDroid can benefit from this).
Solved problem with display when sending "stop" & "start" commands.
Using zRAM from 3.14 kernel.
Updated to kk-2.7-stable.
Reverted to default audio configuration (wip).

AAC playback fixed.
Fixed LEDs pulsing in wrong order.
Notification->Attention->Battery (LED priority list).
Reverted to older Synaptics driver (should fix lockups).
Rebased kernel to kk_2.7_rb1.27.
Fixed some volume/audio problems (need to be confirmed, speaker mode in call is still bugged).
Fixed microphone not muting while in call.
Fixed problems with FM radio volume (going loud when switching).
Fixed sound recorder.
Adjusted proximity sensor thresholds.
Fixed battery capacity (using Huawei method for now).
Enabled zRAM (thanks to @forumber2).

Rebased kernel on kk_2.7_rb1.22 (minor fixes, better graphics performance).
Fixed Synaptics TS freeze (finger not tracked) (not confirmed).
Fixed display freezing on some targets.
Added pulsing notification leds with customizable speed (hardware blinking).
Fixed RIL without SIM.
Fixed sometimes phone going very laggy (caused by RIL).
Added FM radio support.
Decreased speaker db range (should improve quality).
Added v2 of DeviceSettings (now called IDEOS X5 Settings)
Added support for customizable BT power.
Added support for customizable charging current.
Adjusted proximity sensor (50mA current lets more IR light through).
Removed bloat from camera HAL (WiP).
Rebased kernel on latest branch for KK (improves graphics & minor fixes).
Added more codecs to support more audio/video formats.
Fixed some VIDC memory leaks (causing video recording/playback problems).
Removed unused adreno library & replaced with a new one.

19.01.2014 (These changes have been made upon the latest cm-10.1 version)
Updated codebase to cm-11.0.
Fixed camera flash.
Fixed video recording.
Fixed video HW playback.
Applied some fixes to audio HAL.
Fixed a problem where the charger was shown connected even though it wasn't.
Applied smaller fixes to display driver.
Released some unused memory.
Using MDP retire fence (may fix some display problems).
Removed some unused kernel drivers.
Updated android kernel counterpart drivers (binder, lowmemorykiller)
Updated freezer driver.
Enabled SELinux.
Added CMHW vibrator scaling (in Settings->more).
Stripped vibrator tuning from DeviceSettings.
Added modifiable button brightness.
Added modifiable notification leds.
Greatly reduced init.rc scripts.
Enabled KSM.
Added QCOM optimizations for faster CPU operations.
Added support to multimount UMS (internal & external).
Added support for /data encryption.
Added torch with two brightness setting.
Fixed some camera problems.
Added Finnish translations to DeviceSettings (zazza97)
Enabled QCOM Audio/Video enhancements.
Enabled low_ram flag.
Updated synaptics driver.
Smaller fixes for APS-12D driver.
Disabled highmem in kernel (should reduce the footprint a lil).
Fixed Wi-Fi not starting problems.
Reduced the time where display does not enter/exit sleep properly.
Updated CPU power management driver.
Updated FUSE driver (for SD cards).
Removed some unused memory allocations.
Build RIL daemon and libril from source.
Removed some bloat in camera HAL.
Source code: GitHub - cm-11.0

hi Blefish
25th February 2015, 01:23 PM |#946  
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Originally Posted by Blefish

Thanks for the logs. It is a kernel error, should be fixed in the next release.

Hello Blefish!
May I ask if you are planning a newer CM11 release with the WiFi driver bug fixed?
Maybe it can be backported from CM12 along with other fixes.
Please don't stop supporting CM11, now that CM12 is out.
If this WiFi bug ever gets solved, it would make CM11 the best Dalvik runtime KitKat Rom for U8800.

By the way, I also tried CM12 and it's great. Congratulations!
I didn't encounter the WiFi bug, which I have on CM11!
I had many SD Card Unmounts.

But I think I'll stick with CM11 because I have too many apps installed (200+) and because of the
ART runtime of CM12/Lollipop I couldn't install more than the most essential apps (~25) for me.
CM12 is very pretty, has some nice enhancements, feels good on U8800,
but it's missing a bigger ROM to be really useful. Only if our phone had an 8GB+ ROM.

This is of course just my opinion.
4th March 2015, 07:46 PM |#947  
Be-Mine's Avatar
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I also think that a stable final release of a CM11 will probably be much better and faster than a newer CM12, considering that Lollipop seems still under heavy development. (I guess CM11 may serve faster and will be more stable than CM12 on this very outdated Ideos X5 hardware, right?)

Unfortunately there's only one Blefish and a lot things to be done. If only we were able to help him on developing both versions.

Thanks for all Blefish, take care!
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5th March 2015, 08:37 AM |#948  
Senior Member
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I used CM11 until latest version and it was very slow. This was the reason I downgraded to Aurora rom. Now I'm using CM12 and is faster than CM11.
14th March 2015, 04:04 AM |#949  
Mahdial's Avatar
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Hey, can you Blefish release a LVM compatible version of this ROM please. So we can switch between CM11 and 12 easily.
Thank you so much!
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