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[GearCM][i9500][Q&A][Discussion] Optimized CyanogenMod 11

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Announcement from Alberto96: 20141227v2 Build Released
5th March 2015, 05:24 AM |#1471  
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Originally Posted by body150165

I think you are referring to CM12. This CM11 doesn't have this issue. Camera error can occur. If you take pictures a lot, I would not recommend to use CM11

@ New Life: Right now, I would not recommend CM11 anyway as there is no development progress and no maintenance anymore.

But I can not recommend CM12 too, as the development is too slow due to Alberto69's school or exam or whatever. No complaint as I am not a developer and can not contribute anything to this ROM.

Just unhappy to see that many devices have CM12 and we.... We have not much.

I'm not really concern on camera, just thinking on trying it for a couple days as gonna de traveling and wanna try it in those days, want to see how much of a daily driver I have using gearcm 11 or 12
5th March 2015, 06:25 AM |#1472  
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Originally Posted by luisfer21069

I'm not really concern on camera, just thinking on trying it for a couple days as gonna de traveling and wanna try it in those days, want to see how much of a daily driver I have using gearcm 11 or 12

Regarding this, CM11 is good as a daily driver. I tried CM12 2 wife ago and it was not ready yet. Just go for CM11.
10th March 2015, 08:17 PM |#1473  
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Hi, I have the rom "11-20141227-unofficial-i9500" I am really glad with this rom. But When I try to take a photo inside whataspp or snapchat. the camera stop and the only solution is reboot the cellphone. and the other thing, sometimes the cellphone lag in a period of time, or when I watch a video in instagram, it's reproduce slowly. very slowly. If only happened sometimes, however, the same solution, reboot the system and everything normal.

Anyone know how fix it? the camera and the lag?

thanks a lot.
12th March 2015, 10:20 PM |#1474  
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Hello all and sorry to bother.

I've flashed the latest GearCM and I've run into two problems.

First off, I've encoutered the notification light problem, where it either doesn't blink or blinks once and turns off for some aplications. For a missed call it works just as I configure, but I cant get messaging or WhatsApp (all I've tried for now) to work properly with it. I've searched the threads and found some replies from some months back from people that had the same problem, but no solution was posted and it was never brought up again. Is there any workaround possible? I haven't had much luck unfortunately, and I'm pretty dependent on it. Other than this, I like the rom so much, thanks a lot!

I'd also like to ask you guys how hot the phone should get when running intensive apps like games. I'm not familar with the phone yet and I do know devices get hot, sometimes very hot, during intensive work, but I got kind of alarmed yesterday as it was so hot it almost hurt to touch in some places. I measured it with a thermocouple just to be sure I wasn't just freaking out and it gets to over 50C on top of the SD card slot (not processor temp). I dread to think how hot it would get with the battery cover and with a protecting case on. Is this normal? Should I worry? The rom has the CPU clocking options locked, is there a way to underclock it? Naturally there is a huge battery drain when this happens, but at least battery you can recharge, burnt phones are out of the question.

I'm not sure if any kind of logs are necessary, if so please ask.

18th March 2015, 05:55 AM |#1475  
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Earphone Sound Lags!
When i plug earphone and play music and remove the sound stops working. Is there any fix?
7th April 2015, 11:23 AM |#1476  
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some questions
Hello, I'm using gearcm11 20141227v2.
I would like to know if it is planned for a future version the adding of the kernel support to undervolt. Or, if there is a kernel, supported by gearcm11, that allows to change the voltage.

Also, I have many kernel wakelocks named "mmc2_detect" with both gearcm11 and gearcm12, I already tried to format all the memory and change the baseband, but nothing changed, does anyone know the reason?
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