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[Q] Dual-booting Dell Venue 8 Pro with Android

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By elixir_pr, Member on 8th January 2014, 04:55 AM
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9th April 2015, 02:25 PM |#161  
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Looks sweet. Been waiting for dualboot support for Android on the pro.
How is performance in 3D applications?
16th May 2015, 07:11 AM |#162  
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Originally Posted by Azurael

ConsoleOS is a con; a rebadged version of Android-IA that looks like it's being 'repackaged' by people who don't even know how to code beyond changing a few text strings. They still don't seem to have Android up and running on a V11P with newer BIOS versions even though it was on their initial compatibility list, I sent them a photo of mine running 5.0.2 just for the giggles. Unless you happen to have one of the few machines which are properly supported by Intel's IA effort, it's a crapshoot.

IntelSoftware Black Belt Developer stiffs backers with consoleOS.....

Josian about 7 hours ago
I am usually not the one to complain, but when I decide to do it, I go all the way until I become a thorn.
It is APRIL of 2015, over 120 days after what we were promised the rewards, and you still have not delivered android on the
Dell Venue 8 pro. All the files you made available for download were pretty bad explained in terms of installation, and none
so far would work with the tablet that made me decide to help fund the project. More and more sound to me that this project was
thrown away and now with some cash in hands, you are going towards something else. I honestly don't care the direction you are going,
but if you promised something, you gotta deliver, or return the investment.

We were pitched:
"This isnít an emulator and this isnít homebrew. Console OS is real, native Android that can really toggle with Windows on your PC."
"Console OS is painless to install - for end-users and system builders alike.
This is what makes Console OS so great. You can either install it on your PC's internal drive, or run it entirely from a USB external
hard disk.
Weíre not talking a demo (or "live") version either; all your apps, documents, even encryption can work booting directly from a
USB hard disk."
Where is it? So far I haven't seen or experienced any of that. I truly would like to know and EXPERIENCE IT/USE IT or have the investment back. The pitch and delivery time were very clear. It's been way past that and I think it is time to have it delivered. Please let me know. Thank you.

Cykit 6 days ago
This would be probably the last time I will post something here since $10 loss would not worth too much speaking to @mmv,
no matter if it is really a legitimate company with "editor-s" or just one person role playing. I am sick and tired of waiting,
I bet so many of you feels the same. More than one year you haven't deliver, in the last post you say it's people get hot under the
collar, no, it is because you failed us and you refuse to acknowledge so. Even more insulting to our voters, is the fact you put all
the fault to us. "...we are doing what people voted for us to do...." is simply because you provided that option, by providing that
you implies you are capable. It turns out you are not. Further, you are not forth-coming about the fact that you may never will. Even
if one day you might achieve your goal (for discussion's sake let's assume you are really working on it), all the devices may be too
old for people to care about. And let's not forget Microsoft has opened the door to port Android apps. So, last but not least,
@mmv failure is not the end of the world, but it's shameful to hype others' expectation then not even have the guts to acknowledge
an obvious failure. $10 is small, but our expectation for a whole year is not.

24th May 2015, 02:10 AM |#163  
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Clock Did you ever get this to work? Did you find an image?
Originally Posted by elixir_pr

Is there any chance of dualbooting Dell Venue 8 Pro with Windows 8 and Android? I like Windows 8 but would also like to be able to use Android on this awesome tablet.
If not dual boot, is there any other way of using Android as virtual machine or something that provides full touch and other sensor's support?

I know this is a very old post, but people still quote from it, //link from it, so I followed the link to here. It's open so I am replying, did you ever get it to work? People still to this day claim Droid won't run on an intel chip, etc, etc, etc, but I have two dell venue 8's, both were pro(win) and instead of buying a Droid Venue 8, I merely took the factory image for the Venue 8, loaded it etc, config'd it and it's a droid device to this day.

There are a few differences between the two devices dell sells, etc, but both will run pretty much anything. I have owned Droid devices(Asus) that had same specs as my win devices, and they were fones running droid.

I don't understand the continued idea that anything that's shipped with windows//intel specs will not run Droid, when for quite a while now, intel's been the cpu/gpu mechanicals operating and being operated by Droid...!!!

SO, if you see this post, let me know how you ever made out...
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