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HTC Homeplug Weather fix - get your LOCAL weather! [New universal patch uploaded!]

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Originally Posted by N2A View Post
Hey, nobody said this came with any warranties :P

To be honest, I wrote this a long time ago. The code still works server side, I haven't verified it with any new releases. To be honest, I retired my HTC TyTN, and moved up to a Nokia N900. If anyone wants to take over maintaining it, they're welcome to.

The thread isn't useless though, seems it works for a lot of people still.

All I can suggest is take the htchome.dll from your own device, patch it (if my patcher will work), and reinstall it - that shouldn't cause any hard resets, but I can't guarantee it won't, either.
N900 is where im going come pay day

wandered through this thread after the weather just decided to stop working on my touch pro - i reckon t-mobile uk is blocking it or something though cos it no longer works on any rom ive flashed (bout 5 different ones now) - but going to the n2a server url in the browser resuts in the desired xml, so maybe its some network config cockup on the device (straight after fresh flashes though? maybe its due to bad t-mobile auto-conf data?) - who knows, im fed up with it now

anyone else had a similar problem?


Nokia N900 Maemo 5
[20.2010.36-2.203.1] T-Mobile UK
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Default HTC S740

Is there any site with with running weathertranslate.php? Because this is only way for my S740. Or not?

I uploaded this file to my site at and it works from browser, but I don't know a way how to access, resp. how to redirect htc . accuweather . com directly to this address. (I have to use name, not IP). Is it possible?
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I send a email to HTC but that didnt help there tip. but i got it working again.
This is how i did it, go to settings-> open the tab where you can set bluetooth and WLAN there i open connection, dont know it in english becouse i have it in dutch. you can change setting for your roaming provider -> open here menu -> database update -> there i take manual database update, i did several times.
After that it worked angain finaly after 2 months of no weather. sorry for my bad englis becouse it is not my native language. if you dont understand leave post and i try to help. don't know if this helps for everybody.

Greetz john
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Default Weather only updates on Wi-Fi

Until yesterday morning my weather worked perfectly on 3G H, GPRS, EDGE, and Wi-Fi. Now it will only update on Wi-Fi. I know the server and URL are working since it updates at all. Is it possible the server is blocking connections from the AT&T APN or AT&T is blocking access to the server? If I type the server address in a browser it connects though and points to this thread. I have made no registry changes. I have NetCF 3.5 and SDK Certs installed. The only browsers I use are PIE and Opera.

Cell Pro ROM WWE 5.5.51881 1-20-10
Manilla v 2.1.19202517.0

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Hi. I have the HTC Touch Po 2 CDMA thhrough US Cellular. Weather App would only work through wi-fi not phone data service (GPRS ?) Tried many of the fixes, virtually all the ROMs from stock to custom. Nothing worked. Many of the various fixes seemed to "mess" up my phone causing me to do a hard reset. Enabled and disable HTC location. Too many changes to list. Gave up. However, used the phone for a couple of days with google maps and bing navigation programs. All of a weather app started working on it's own. Navigation programs seem to have done something that the various fixes couldn't. Suggestion I have is to use the phone with navigation software for a couple of days. US Cellular said this was an issue with the Touch Pro 2. And they may have a fix in a couple of months. Maybe it will also work. Not saying this is an educated suggestion. Just describing what happened with me.
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I've got wrong weather informations of my city - Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Displayed weather information is another town SHENZHENZHEN, Zhejiang, China. Weather city code is totaly diffrent: Shenzhen (my city) is ASI|CN|CH006|SHENZHEN; but Shenzhenzhen is ASI|CN|CH013|SHENZHENZHEN. But the xda weather server maybe use wrong place weather source, I mean use Shenzhenzhen (someone not type word ZHEN wich means Town) to relace Shenzhen City. I edited my manila weather city code on my HTC HD2 many times, but no effect.
So I have no idea how to resolve this problem. Thanks.
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Unhappy Server termination

Just to let you all know, I'm going to be shutting down this server shortly I'm afraid, as I'm wrapping up the hosting business associated with it, and moving everything over to an alternate system.

I hope it's been of use to you all over the years, and it was fun while it lasted. The code is on several other people's servers now I believe, so it'll live on, as long as the forecastfox/accuweather feed continues to work in the same way.

May see you guys around again if I ever return to a HTC or Android device... but for now, I'm holding off until I figure out what device I want. Since the N900, nothing else has really wowed me - with the possibly exception of the N9, but I'm not hugely hopeful for it as Nokia seem determined to kill it.

Anyway, I digress.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! ;)
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Once-upon-a-time HTC Home hacker to put local weather on Windows Mobile devices...
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Thank You!

(i too moved to n900 ;D)

Nokia N900 Maemo 5
[20.2010.36-2.203.1] T-Mobile UK

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