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[ROM][4.4.4][F2FS/EXT4] AutoDroid 1.2

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21st November 2015, 03:25 PM |#1071  
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Originally Posted by DarkN3ss61

Can someone help me please. This rom has been working great for about 1 month, but not the songs keep randomly pausing and when I press play, about 1- 10 seconds later they will just keep pausing. Does anyone know why this is and how I can fix it?


Clear cache on your music app?
22nd November 2015, 07:02 PM |#1072  
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USB unmounting
Is there a way to unmount the OTG USB before the power cuts out? I get a warning saying "usb storage unexpectedly removed." When power is restored it usually mounts fine, but this last time it corrupted my drive. If not, is there a specific file system I should use on the USB to prevent this, or a way to set it as read only?

7th December 2015, 09:49 PM |#1073  
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Hi guys. A bit of a noob here. Just trying to work out what I'm doing wrong. I've got a 2012 N7 wifi which was on stock 5.1.1. I've unlocked and rooted and installed CWM. I go into recovery and do a full reset and clear cache. Then I flash the autodroid zip. It tells me the flash is successful but when I reboot it just sits at the google spinny-balls boot animation endlessly.

Am I missing a step?

Attempt 2: Hmmm. Tried flashing USB-ROM and it worked fine. Then I flashed TWRP so I can convert to all F2FS. Did that. Flashed AutoDroid and slim Gapps again. Now it hangs on the "Google" screen with the unlocked symbol at the bottom.

Attempt 3: I changed everything back to EXT4 and flashed AutoDroid again. Now it gets to the pulsing SlimKat screen and hangs. I think I'll flash the latest CM Snapshot, just for fun, and see what happens...

OK, CM12.1 works fine. Should I give up on AutoDroid? Any suggestions? I'll try flashing AutoDroid one more time...

Attempt 4: Lol. Now it just boots straight into TWRP every time. I think I'm done unless anyone can offer any suggestions.

Thanks very much and sorry for the noob question.
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14th December 2015, 07:01 AM |#1074  
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Hello everyone
I want to create a website that specializes in indash tablets in car.
The website will include a gallery of apps that recommands for in car use, also gallery of new powerloss animations and alot of tutrials.

For the begining i start to dev a new rom to Nexus 7 2013 and base on android 6. ( Sorry i dont have nexus 7 2012 anymore.)
My vision its to create a up to date rom everytime to the nexus 7 2012 and 2013. and maybe to find a new perfect tablet for in dash use.

any donation to start this project will be welcome. (Money, hosting, domain, Nexus 7 2012 for dev.)
PowerLoss Animations Gallery
31st December 2015, 12:42 AM |#1075  
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Originally Posted by lobie81

Hi guys. A bit of a noob here. Just trying to work out what I'm doing wrong. I've got a 2012 N7 wifi which was on stock 5.1.1. I've unlocked and rooted and installed CWM. I go into recovery and do a full reset and clear cache. Then I flash the autodroid zip. It tells me the flash is successful but when I reboot it just sits at the google spinny-balls boot animation endlessly.

I flashed before the to get around the boot problem.
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10th January 2016, 01:25 PM |#1076  
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Hi friends,, This rom Opel bootanimation and gapps where ?
24th January 2016, 11:49 PM |#1077  
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I am aware development for this rom seized and all... but let me ask you this anyway
Been messing around with lollipop + oxydo revamped for a while, and it worked very well. Recenty I ran into a problem though, so I flashed back to autodroid. Unfortunately I am starting to see some problems that didn't exist before moving to lollipop:

1) firm sleep setting doesn't stick in powereventmanagr. yes I do have it rooted and granted PEM permanent SU rights
2) some serious power drain (1-4% /hr)
3) PEM fails detect power off event
4) when power goes out, usb devices seem to drain power off of the tablet, even when the tablet is manually put to sleep using PME or airplane mode
5) the most recent and seriuos issue of all: cracks and pops in the background while playing music only, totally silent otherwise

All of these except #5 started happening since I first switched to lollipop, so I assumed it was just lollipop rom being unpolished/incompatible with PME. Seeing how it happens in autodroid as well, I am starting to suspect hardware problem. There was an 'incident' (a long story) that may have caused it if it is indeed hardware. Is there anything I could do on the software side to leave no stones unturned? One thing though - I was getting huge battery drain with the tablet being in idle (sleep) back when I had lollipop rom, whereas with autodroid now I am seeing some wakelocks that may have kept it on. Need to give it a few more days to be sure. Just wondering if all these problems are related to one another...
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30th January 2016, 04:02 AM |#1078  
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Originally Posted by machmanx

Story: So I wanted to try out lollipop and move away from Autodroid because Google maps was continuously crashing on me and I assumed it may be because the current version doesn't like KitKat anymore (could still hold true as I haven't tested it in KitKat yet). But after updating to the Oxydo-revamp and Optipop, the USB audio would not kick in unless I left it plugged my car over some unknown period of time. Besides that, the tablet wasn't charging. So gave up after trying to mess with it and came back to Autodroid.

Problem was that I too ran into the same Slimkat logo blinking issue where the OS would not load. That's when I thought, "Ok, looks like users are having issues like this since it happened to me now". So I played around with installing this multiple ways using TWRP (used like a few recommended, though I don't know if that helps or not). I was also experimenting with FS2S. So this is what I found out:

-When installing Autodroid using TWRP, just because TWRP reports that it was a successful install DOESN'T MEAN it was successful.

What I mean is this: try booting into TWRP recovery and use the Install option. Choose the Autodroid zip file and start the install. Now READ the messages being shown on the screen, and I mean READ EVERY LINE EXCEPT for the text-generated can skip that part. Right after the logo at some point I found this message:

Unsupported partition layout found

followed by

No changes were done to the device, exiting.

AND THEN, later it also reported

Script Succeeded: result was [0.100000]

Which, subsequently made TWRP report a success as well. See???

For me I had all partitions set to FS2S and that was the issue. Even though in the beginning it reports to support "ALL-FS2S", that's simply not the case, or somehow the latest build broke that. Maybe a dirty flash might solve the problem, but there's an easier way. Either format all your partitions to EXT4.....OR....format ONLY DATA partition to FS2S and keep the cache and system as EXT4. The Autodroid installer is OK with, and will recognize the data partition as FS2S and allow the install. This time you get the right messages:

Setting the right partition layout.

Data-FS2S partition layout found.

Boot.img flashed.

and the same damn message whether it failed or succeeded

Script Succeeded: result was [0.100000]

So there you have it, the safest way is to use all EXT4 but as you may have heard, you may suffer NAND performance issues. Just set Data to FS2S and leave the system and cache as EXT4 and you'll be fine.

PS: Before doing all the above, you may want to flash the stock 4.4.4 image using the Nexus Root toolkit. Other noted things:
-I tried changing the cache to FS2S after install. Autodroid didn't like it and hung at the Slimkat logo screen. (Don't do it.)
-The "Flash Zips" option in the advanced section of the Nexus Root toolkit MAY NOT actually flash the zip package when it enters recovery mode, lol (Yeah, it's not really funny when it fails but funny because some users like myself auto-assumed that the toolkit would take care of everything while I sit back and relax) It's better to manually flash the ROM image with the Install option in the TWRP recovery program.

Lesson of the moment: Read Those Messages!!!

Edit 1: BTW, if you run into a "Type Password To Decrypt Storage..." issue, then it means that you can't use F2FS for some unknown reason. I had that issue and could only get that message to go away by formatting the data partition in TWRP, aka the format option. It changed it back to EXT4 and all is good. I just can't use F2FS...

Edit 2: HOLY! I got it to install with ALL-F2FS! I dunno how but the ROM boots and all! I'm going to try to figure out why.

Hope this helps someone. . . . anyone? Yoohoo? Hello??? Are you still there? Sleep mode Activated....

Hey I ran similar issue as yours.. (cannot boot if all partition set to ALL-F2FS) So far I'm only able to use ALL-EXT4. What TWRP version are you running? I can use data and cache f2fs on cm12.1, (system still ext4) but not in autodroid
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14th February 2016, 04:29 AM |#1079  
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Originally Posted by fornax01

This is amazing, managed to get this working as: AutoDroid1.2 (Kangaroo Kernel 3.1.10) + (ALL-F2FS) + (Multiboot / kexec).

The rom has the kangeroo kernel from lostdeveloper built in with kexec-hardboot patch and f2fs patch already applied.

To get this working I had to revert back to TWRP factory reset through wipe menu then format the system partition. then i installed the rom, gapps, supersu, and busybox through install zip menu, rebooted, then installed multirom app through google play. and rebooted.

everything seems to work fine, hope this helps anyone that needs it.

p.s. i would love to get the kernel from this rom with the patches applied as a seperate zip to try on other roms but the only thread i can find for the rom on xda is this one but hasnt been updated for a while and dosent have latest builds in zip format.

Thank you. TWRP did the trick for me as well
9th March 2016, 10:31 PM |#1080  
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Does anybody know if this will work on the Kindle Fire since they are essentially the same hardware?
12th March 2016, 12:18 PM |#1081  
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Hey guys sorry if this is a dumb question but I've been looking into using a nexus 7 as a HU but the only thing that is keeping me from doing it is hands free connectivity. Does this app support pairing with your phone for calls and music streaming. How about a external microphone? Sorry if this has been asked before. Also does it Nader what model nexus 7 I use?

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