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The DllImport Project (+/also C++ Wrapper) [Mango Support]

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By fiinix, Retired Recognized Developer on 24th March 2011, 11:10 AM
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The DllImport Project

This project is part "Real DllImport" and also not the same time. It has limited DllImport to only types "void();" (well isn't that DllImport )

Other CORE functions that require multiple [IN] or/and [OUT] are to complex for the code right now (there are so many possibilities).

Terms of use, using the code (free to use, under my name "fiinix00 @ XDA"~ in app)

As posted to JaxBot

Well thanks for asking, this project is free for everyone, the one purpose it was made for.
The only thing i needed back is my name (fiinix @ XDA) included in whose projects (external) that take use of my code base. There is no licence or something (GNU e.g.), it just make people mad and confused.

So feel free to take advantage of the code whenever you want, just remember, i want my name on it. =D

UPDATE @ (2011y-03m-26d - 23:08)

Ohyeah, i can control zune from my application (Resume, Stop, Pause, NextSong, PrevSong, ShutdownZune, StartZune, ... to come)

Turn on/off radio remote from code. (DAMN, the radio begins to play without "No antenna" but no sound, plugin again and it sounds :/)

UPDATE @ (2011-03-27 - 14:35)
- Set clipboard (lol, doesent even have NODO): DllImportCaller.lib.Clipboard_SET("Hello");
- Get clipboard: DllImportCaller.lib.Clipboard_GET(ref [string]);
- Enchanted: Phone.Clipboard.Value { get { ... } set { ... } }
- Basic calls against void without arguments: DllImportCaller.lib.VoidCall( [DLL] , [Method] );
- API for verifying method existence: DllImportCaller.NativeMethodExists( [DLL] , [Method] );
- Raw API for controlling vibrator (unlimited "on", also continues to vibrate on exit, dont forget to turn off ): Phone.Vibrator. { Vibrate(), Stop() }

Source code + test XAP updated (2011-03-27-17:38) (Clipboard GET; is corrupt)

(I can now enumerate the running processes on the phone )

Hook to keyboard, for some reason it only show interest in the "Search" button.

Documentation of proc:
[WP7Process].{ CreationTime, ExitTime, KernelTime, UserTime, <-UpdateTimes(), Kill(exitCode), { PROCESSENTRY32 RAW } }

^ for "currentProcess.Kill()" use "Phone.TaskManager.GentlyExitCurrentProcess(); " the Kill(exitCode) KILLS

WP7Process[] = Phone.TaskManager.Named("taskhost");
WP7Process = Phone.TaskManager.CurrentProcess();

Documentation of network
- ConnectionType { Unk0, Unk1, Unk2, Connected, Unk3 ... }
- ConnectionType = Phone.Network.GetWirlessState;

Phone.KeyboardHook.IsKeyDown(int key)
> Search = 124 (lol)

Misc finds

DllImportCaller.NativeMethodExists("urlmon", "IsIntranetAvailable");
DllImportCaller.NativeMethodExists("urlmon", "ObtainUserAgentString");

- Code updated! (2011-03-28-22:12)

Added "Phone.DEP", dep is a wrapper against info stored in "Microsoft.Phone.Info.DeviceExtendedProperties "

Full "TaskHost.exe" support

HostInformation = Phone.TaskHost.GetCurrenHostInfo();

HostInformation {
fDehydrating = 0,
fRehydrated = 0,
hHostWnd = -25821178 /* This silverlight managed window (host window) */
szAppDataFolder = "\\Applications\\Data\\8DC5214E-88FA-4C2D-A379-2CD74FE24B72\\Data"
szAppInstallFolder = "\\Applications\\Install\\8DC5214E-88FA-4C2D-A379-2CD74FE24B72\\Install"
szAppIsolatedStorePath = "\\Applications\\Data\\8DC5214E-88FA-4C2D-A379-2CD74FE24B72\\Data\\IsolatedStore"
szProductId = "{8DC5214E-88FA-4C2D-A379-2CD74FE24B72}"
szTaskPage = "MainPage.xaml" /* Current page? */
szUri = "app://8DC5214E-88FA-4C2D-A379-2CD74FE24B72/_default"
ullLastInstanceId = 39 /* fully retarded property? */

Code updated! (2011-03-29-23:25)

new Phone functionality

Phone.OS.{ Shutdown(ewxCode) } /* 1.0.2 can still call it with "DllImportCaller.lib.ShutdownOS" (failed tho on mine in 1.0.2) */

Added "GetLastError7" (C++ ::GetLastError()) for better C# side error handling.

Code updated! (2011-04-03-12:37)

Code updated! (2011-04-04-21:48)
- App launcher code!!
- Enchanted IO support
- 1.0.6!

Code updated! (2011-04-05-22:08)
- Enchanted task support
- Console7.Title { get; set; } etc.

Code updated! (2011-04-08-00:03)
- Stable%: 97 :/
- Battery support (see battery info (CORE only))
- Phone.Sound { MasterVolume!! { get; set; }, etc } (controlling phone master volume over all processes)
- Phone.OS.Kernel.ResetDevice(); (instant stops kernel, instant shutdown, not recommended!)

Code updated! (2011-04-09-22:39)
- Enchanted "Phone.Battery" class
- Phone.TaskManager.+GetCurrentProcessId
- WiFi Controll! (On/Off) (from code!)
- Bluetooth Controll! (On/Off) (from code here toe!)
- Phone.OS.+GetSystemStartupItems(),+GetDesktopWindo wHandle()
- New class "Phone.Search."+SearchFor,+OpenSearch,+BindSearchB uttonToPage (FAILS)
- New class "Phone.XboxLive"+GetIsXboxLiveEnable,+GetIsSignedI n
- Yep: 1.0.9!

Code updated! (2011-04-17-22:01) //damn, not update in 8 days~
- Phone.OS.OSLanguage { SubLanguageID, PrimaryLanguageID }
- Phone.WP7Process.+ CurrentProcessID (int),+GetCurrentProcess() returns guaranteed the right taskhost @class_WP7Process
- Improved Phone.OS.Memory
- + Extra i don't remember (8 days)

Code updated! (2011-05-22-21:25)
- 1.2.1 (because 1.2 methods was commented out to set things right (less crash))
- HUGE improvements
- Removed unneeded **** to speed things up
- Screenshot 161 ms per capture (non-save-to-gallery) =D
- =D

Mango support added(2011-10-26-19:30)
- yep, "ATL" Mango compiled. I have not yet tested to run it on a NoDo.
- Trying to implement a ASM virtual machine; example:
[ASMMethod(Dll = "coredll", EntryPoint = "GetLastError")]
public delegate int GetLastError();

var last = ASMGenerator.GenerateDelegateFor<GetLastError>();
int code = last();
Custom tile support added(2011-11-07-23:08)
- Custom core tiles ftw!

Source: Attatchment
-Compile VS2008 folder with C++ compiler from WM6 SDK
-Windows Mobile SDK 6 PRO
-Visual Studio 2010 (+ WP7 Silverlight SDK)

Test-app: Attatchment
-No need anymore to do a initialize button call, automatic called on first use in code "DllImportcaller.lib.cctor" by JIT (Net Framework just in time).
-Do some tests from the scrolling list. (due there are more CORE back-code API's than buttons, all tests can not be tested).

Last edited by fiinix; 7th November 2011 at 10:09 PM. Reason: Mango support - Added
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24th March 2011, 06:17 PM |#2  
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Originally Posted by fiinix

Searched for dllimport but did not found what i was searching for; so i need to ask about if it is possible to do a dllimport with interop in meta?
Because if not, i think i have found something quite the same without dllimport.

We can't p/invoke, but only use COM interfaces to interop with native code. What did you find?
24th March 2011, 06:35 PM |#3  
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Im trying the method, of c++ calling the calls for me.

In c++ i call "HMODULE dll = LoadLibrary("MyDLL.dll");" to get the native kerner32.dll e.g.
Then call "Dword addr = GetProcAddress(dll, "MyMethod");"


C# -> COM (LoadLibrary e.g.) -> 
return dll addr -> return to C#
C# -> COM -> LPFNBOX * val = (LPFNBOX)GetProcAddress(addr, "method"); -> 
return val(); -> 
return to C#
May work with some privileges bypass, not tested. (^ Not programmer, skip it)
24th March 2011, 07:09 PM |#4  
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Step 1 of 2 "LoadLibrary7" S_OK (success!)
24th March 2011, 08:01 PM |#5  
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int result;
var hr = lib.MessageBox7("lpText", "lpCaption", MB.MB_OK, out result);

And: It shows a native msg box
24th March 2011, 08:52 PM |#6  
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It ** worked!

var t = DllImportCaller.Call<string, string>("coredll.dll", "CeRunAppAtEvent", "emptyArgs");

LoadLibrary7( .. "coredll.dll" .. ) @ -1304248592
GetProcAddress7( .. CeRunAppAtEvent" .. ) @ 1105512120

Now just "box" and call it
24th March 2011, 09:49 PM |#7  
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Sounds sweet. Any code to share?
24th March 2011, 09:53 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by kuerbis2

Sounds sweet. Any code to share?

Well, last step now is to box it. Due "Compact Framework 3.7" there is no "Marshal.GetDelegateForFunctionPointer". But iw found something quite common.

Code, yes. (if i succeed)
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24th March 2011, 10:45 PM |#9  
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Well, there we go. I did just shut down the phone with code (phone sided code)!

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24th March 2011, 11:02 PM |#10  
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Last edited by __ow; 24th March 2011 at 11:37 PM.
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24th March 2011, 11:08 PM |#11  
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So you wrapped LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress via C++/COM, how is this any different than what we have now? It's easier to simply write C++ code and provide a calling mechanism. (Which is what we're doing.)

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