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[Q] HTC Merge Rooting and Custom Recovery

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By xPreSiDenT, Senior Member on 29th March 2011, 03:31 PM
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OK I just got an HTC Merge(lexikon) but i was surprised to find it hasn't been released yet. so now im stuck with the problem of how to perm root it. I have ran visionary and temprooted it but thats no fun, plus i want to install new roms

The merge seems to be very close to the HTC EVO shift, with the only big difference seemingly being the wimax part. The processor is the same, and the memory seems the same too. My question is, would it be safe to try this ( hboot and recovery on the merge? Would this method be safe (apart from the inherent risk of flashing hboots)? Would these roms work on the merge? Too many questions

But I've also read that the merge is apparently very close to the g2 etc, and is supposed to be in the HTC Vision family of phones, from what ive read, it seems i have to first convert it to something like the G2(something about partitions etc) and then i'll be able to start flashing roms on it. so I'm confused.

I have been unable to find a matching RUU for this lexikon, as all RUUs Ive found are older than the rom version on the phone. The phones splash screen is for US Cellular, however the phone isnt on their site.

some details:

Bootloader screen:
HBOOT - 0.88.0000
Dec 2, 2010, 16:07:41

I am experienced with adb and flashing etc, and I'd be happy to work with devs interested in the merge. Any help would be appreciated.
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1st April 2011, 10:16 PM |#2  
ThaSik1's Avatar
Senior Member
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I'm quite curious about this as well because CellSouth is getting the merge this month and the first thing i wanna do it root it and possibly get cm7 on the baby. I've scoured the forums and sadly noticed that one doesn exist for this particular phone. I have noticed that it is being associated with the desire Z and possibly the shift but no one has stated which thread to follow for the Merge. Hopefully someone drops in and answers your question bro cuz i'll definitely be following where you go for resources whenever i upgrade
3rd April 2011, 05:48 PM |#3  
xPreSiDenT's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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no luck man, been searching for more than a week. I guesswork will only start on this once its released and some devs get their hands on this. I wanted to get the ball rolling before it was released so we had something once it landed but their has been no response or interest from any devs etc
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4th April 2011, 05:17 AM |#4  
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Alltel pre-orders for the HTC Merge ship tomorrow, which is the first official release of the phone, so I get the feeling there will be more people asking these questions very soon.
6th April 2011, 10:01 PM |#5  
ThaSik1's Avatar
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Guess all we can do is be patient..I mean with all the work they are doing over in the G2/DZ forums, it shouldn't take them that long to get things rolling on the Merge Dont even own it yet but already eager to overclock it hehehe
8th April 2011, 12:34 PM |#6  
xPreSiDenT's Avatar
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Hasnt it started shipping yet? No news on google, no news on the forums, it hasnt even appeared here yet. This seems to be the slowest launch of any device ever.
8th April 2011, 06:01 PM |#7  
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I got mine. It's nice.

Alltel, the provider that just launched the phone, is not a major carrier. Alltel has around 800,000 subscribers. Compare that to Verizon Wireless's 102.2 million and AT&T Mobility's 95.5 million, and you'll understand why the forums aren't exactly blowing up with Merge users.

That said, a lot of Alltel subscribers have been waiting for a phone like this, so I'm sure they're selling a lot of them. I think people will be trickling in as the phone launches on other regional carriers like Cellular South. There will probably only be a quicker surge in the user base if the phone launches on Verizon.
12th April 2011, 01:08 AM |#8  
Junior Member
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Alltel software versions
Looks like the Alltel release has some newer software builds:

Bootloader screen:
Dec 2 2010, 16:07:41

Baseband version

Kernel version
htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
Sat Jan 29 02:50:37 CST 2011

Build number
2.04.671.1 CL336990 release-keys

Software number

PRI Version
12th April 2011, 02:05 AM |#9  
Junior Member
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Potential root method for HTC Merge
After doing a bit of research, I've found an approach to attempting to gain permanent root privileges on the Merge that seems fairly safe.

Basically, follow the main instructions for the most current method of rooting the G2 / Desire Z / Desire HD, but skip the hboot/recovery steps. If it works, it should be good for S-OFF, Super-CID, SIM-unlock (if other versions of the phone are SIM-locked; the Alltel isn't), and root.

Here's the procedure. Take path 4b (because we don't have an engineering hboot file) and skip the following line, because we don't have a recovery we know is compatible:
./flash_image recovery recovery.img
While a recovery would be nice, I don't see why the rest wouldn't work without one.

It doesn't sound too risky because the steps are:
  1. Use psneuter to get temp root. I imagine at worst, this just doesn't work.
  2. Use gfree to power cycle the emmc, which will restart in read/write mode. Probably in the worst case, this doesn't work and your device restarts.
  3. Use root_psn script to copy busybox, su, and Superuser.apk to the now-writable system partition. I don't see how this would make your Merge unusable in a way you can't undo.

I don't need permanent root access so I haven't tried this myself. Please post your results if you try it. If you don't try it but see a reason this won't work, please let us know.

Disclaimer: I have not tested this. In fact, I am new to Android (although proficient with Linux). If you become the first person to brick a Merge, don't blame me for encouraging you or providing dangerous ideas.
15th April 2011, 01:29 AM |#10  
stoney_38668's Avatar
Flag Dublin, GA
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i tried using 2 different versions of gfree and its a no-go
doesn't damage device but i get errors and of course no root

thanks for the effort and the info discostrings
19th April 2011, 09:35 PM |#11  
Junior Member
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Hmm. Thanks for reporting your results stoney!

Whatever allows gfree to work seems to be patched (which is why you need to downgrade the Desire Z and HD in the instructions).

There are Merge ("Lexikon") RUUs floating around from testing last fall with Verizon that seem to have software versions that gfree will work with (1.23 and 1.33). So the downgrade trick may be possible. However, I'm not familiar with the signing process, so I don't know whether the current Merge would recognize them as a valid "upgrade" after lowering the version number. Trying it would be pretty risky as there's no way I know to back up or restore the stock ROM.

I guess we'll need to wait for a dev to look at this, or at least for a recent stock RUU as a safety net. If anyone is looking for the Lexikon ROMs, I can provide links, but they were pretty easy to find with a search engine.

A question for any dev that stops by: are the Lexikon ROMs from the fall likely to be flashable to the current Merge via the version-lowering trick and will they work with gfree?
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