Lightbulb [GAME] Word Prospector -[R]- 03/29/2011 -[U]- 04/01/2011 -[V]- 1.1

Name: Word Prospector

This is a fun word game.
Have fun while improving your vocabulary, and your memory, and find words from a grid of letters while the clock counts down.

You can choose between two dictionaries: English and French
Each one contains thousands of words.

Swipe your finger along letter tiles (horizontally, vertically or in diagonal) then release to valid a word. Each tile should be used only once per word.

For each correct word, you score 1 point per letter in the word, plus 2 extra points if the world is at least 5 letters long, and plus another 2 extra points if the word is at least 7 letters long.

For instance:
  • "bad" is worth 3 points,
  • "good" is worth 4 points,
  • "better" is worth 8 points (6+2),
  • "perfect" is worth 11 points (7+4).

There are two game modes:
  • Simple Game: Find as many words as you can in the time runs out!
  • Full Game: Climb levels by scoring the required limit of points (which increases at each level). Each level is time limited. The grid is reset at the beginning of each level.

Feel free to test it and to give me some feedback.
The application seems to have no icon, because foolishly I did it in white on a transparent background.
I just submitted a new version to fix this issue.

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