Default [Q] New Blade not entering bootloader + Lost Phone mayhem

Hi. I have a Blade here where the kids have installed the lost phone app from market and basically locked the phone with a random password. Oh well. That stuff happens.

Plan was basically simple:
  1. Install clockwork recovery
  2. wipe userdata
  3. no more Lost Phone app

All the guides for this phone says volume up(+) and power on after you have taken out the battery, gets it in bootloadermode for fastboot to do its magic.

Then I hit a snag... This is a brand new Blade bought in Norway and I can't get this to work. Read something about on Modaco that new Blades from february '11 don't work with that key combo.

Any other advice to get that hellish Lost Phone app off the phone?

EDIT: Persistance pays off. You are able to make a keypress every once in a while when you press the back button. Doing so I was able to allow unsigned apps, turn on USB debug mode, copy files to the SD card, install zroot to do a temproot. Install recoverymanager and finally clockwork recovery. Turned off the phone and with volume down + power booted into Clockwork. Wiped userdata and cache. Home free!