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[DEV] SD Speed Increase (Diego Stamigni)

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great app.
can you keep option for 128k? (it is there in previous version, but not in latest one)

this is required to view videos smoothly on galaxy 3
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Originally Posted by diego.stamigni View Post
Hi boyz,
A lot of you probably read, a week ago, or more, a thread by @brainmaster about a method to increase read/write speed of sdcard (more info on his thread).

Few days after I've made a free Android Market App that do the same thing that's explained on @brainmaster thread, but in a very simple mode.

Well, the app doesn't work on some ROMs, or devices, because the system tree is too different. Recently I released the 1.4.1 update, that improve some functions and, I wish, it could work on a lot of devices but I'm now sure.

In this case, I'd like to ask you a hand about that, to translate this app in other languages, or to be a tester, preferably someone that has problem with that one, specially where the app doesn't work in his device.

Join with me and make together a powerful app, only for the community.
There has been two updates on the market for your app BUT no change log of updates.
so what has been changed? also this has ads in it so is it just to update the ads or is it an app update?

Also is there a donate version with NO ads. This i think is a must now-a-days.

Linda Manager file manager will tell you if an app has ads and it's free on the market and the paid app has NO ads.
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Originally Posted by DCMAKER View Post
i posted two tests i did in the post above i formated the cards using default settings and 2 MB block and saw nothing in windows so maybe this fix is with in the internal settings of android OS i

does that actually affect the block size?
Does it cause more wear?
How does this actually change the writing and reading?
Does it only improve sequential? or does it also improve random?
Does it hurt random because of the larger block write?

i think these are some important questions to answer. Also it seems this only affect internal memory and not the SD card. Because i found a boost when using membench which tests internal only i guess and i found no improvement using sd tool testing my micro sd card. Does anyone have any input on this? I think there are a lot of questions needing to be answered here.
Okay to somewhat answer this persons posts. and to inform unawares.

1st read the research post referenced in the OP.

the block size is the same, it only affects how it reads and not how it writes. therefore additional "wear" would be neglible at the most.

since its read ahead, its not going to have much of an effect on random/small files.

also its not an internal android setting. judging by the location of the setting its actually a kernel setting.

please feel free to correct me if im wrong, and provide a legit link i can learn off of.
Yet another drop link, yea help me and it will help you. or sooo they say
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Default Questions ;-P

app is always running in services ^^ so... does it need to edit 'read_ahead_kb at every boot?? i.e. you can't use it to change setting & then uninstall b/c file will revert to default??

++ If set to 2048 kb it makes music skip every so often... So I have mine set to 1024 kb & I don't get this issue


Model: Huawei U8150 - tested & working
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I am using this on an HTC Hero CDMA running CM 7.0.3. Seems to work well, except when I click it to persist the setting upon reboot, it doesn't appear to. After a reboot, the status always shows 128kB. Is it actually adding the script to init.rc to be applied on a reboot?
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Sto usando questa tua utilissima app. Solo che ho trovato come valore dello stato a 3072kb mentre secondo la tua app. il valore migliore 2048kb Non capisco allora come mai sto ottenendo un valore cosi grande?
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Is it possible for an update to set to 128? The HTC Evo works best under that setting, and it is no longer an option.
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The value doesn't stick on boot ...
BTW, great app !
Things are always seems impossible until you done it ...

brainmaster, diego stamigni, increase, speed
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