Default Turn wifi off, then no data throughput

I'm experiencing an issue which I can replicate everytime. Upon bootup, I get 3G/4G and data works great. I turn on wifi, use it for about 30 mins, and then turn it off as I'm leaving the venue. While I do have 4G in the notification bar and data arrows are working, I get no data. Browser keeps spinning, maps keeps spinning, but no dice.

Rebooting fixes it, but then the cycle starts all over again. I'll try to restore my phone back to factory settings, but in the meantime, is anyone else seeing this? Also, not sure whether it's worthy to note, while wifi is on, I have the 4G up in the menu time most of the time.

edit: Alright, well looks like resetting the phone did the trick. Moderator, you can close this thread. Thanks!
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