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[ROM] CyanogenMod 7.0.3 ALPHA3 - 5/11/11

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By jt1134, Recognized Developer on 22nd April 2011, 01:39 AM
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Got bored again, this time I merged my device tree and fixes into CM7 Gingerbread ROM is built from the newest CM7 source code, and has been merged with the majority of my device specific fixes from previous ROMs. I love open source, so of course source code is available for everything, here (ROM), here (kernel), and here (initramfs). If you would like to follow the changes I make, check my github rss feed here.

*** WORKING ***
RIL (calls/sms/3g data)
sdcard and USB mass storage
rotation and proximity sensors
screen on/off animation
haptic feedback

most video codecs - Youtube playback (LQ & HQ) is broken for example - youtube does work from a browser if you use a desktop user-agent
Voodoo lagfix conversions

There are still plenty of bugs! and there likely will be until we have a true GB leak or official release to work off of.

It is considerably difficult for me to stumble upon every issue out there, and even more difficult to narrow these issues down, let alone fix them. That said, PLEASE do not clutter this thread with "thank you" or "X/Y/Z doesn't work" or "I'd love to flash this if..." type posts. I APPRECIATE THE THANKS AND THE FEEDBACK!!! Don't get me wrong. But these posts are not at all helpful in moving this ROM forward, and simply add more clutter to the forum. If you make such a post, don't expect a response.

If you experience a bug, PLEASE GET LOGS! I can't fix something simply by knowing that it does not work. A bug report without significant details is a useless post, it just is what it is. Logs help identify the code affected, and thereby help facilitate the fixes that we all love. PLEASE share your issues if you can provide helpful data in fixing them

The ROM package currently includes the base CM7 ROM, and a compatible kernel. Flash gapps from the package linked below. DO NOT FLASH ANY OTHER GAPPS OR KERNEL PACKAGES! The ROM package uses edify scripting, so it is flashable with any iteration of ClockworkMod recovery.

ALSO: devs and noobs alike please take notice : this ROM uses ClockworkMod recovery 3.x. I will no longer be supporting older recoveries!

Much thanks to the EpicCM and teamhacksung folks for code and ideas, and of course props to the CM team for all they do, it's their ROM after all.

If you appreciate the time and effort I have put into this ROM please click the "Thanks" or "Donate" buttons. Either one is fine by me

***** Update 4/26 - ALPHA2 *****
fixed USB mass storage
fixed haptic feedback
fixed TiBu 'whoami' bug
update to 3.x ClockworkMod recovery
sync'd with latest CM code
updated to latest Market
stubbed the camera (yes, I know it takes pictures of nothing but a green android )
** package still includes gapps and kernel **
** changed to new kernel that can be used with BOTH rfs AND ext4 - but it does not include the Voodoo lagfix code, so no conversions! **
** Make sure to wipe data even if coming from the previous alpha! **

***** Update 5/11 - ALPHA3 *****
updated to latest CM7 code (7.0.3)
enabled recent CM code to prevent "ring only once" bug (lightly tested)
made one of my sms hacks "optional" for easy editing by the mesmerize/showcase users (simply remove "ro.sms.padding=1" from build.prop to fix sms on these devices)
fixed some memory settings in kernel - should fix the lag experienced when using previous versions
added other tweaks to kernel for speed improvement (increased sdcard readahead cache/lowmemkiller/etc)
included punk-kaos' recent camera changes into kernel (cam not working, but getting there)
unstubbed camera (no more pics of a green android )
cleaned up my build tree a bit for a smaller download for people building themselves
removed gapps from ROM package, download from link below (kernel still included in ROM package)
ROM package will no longer flash a recovery
switched to bmlwrite for flashing kernel (screen will no longer wig out during kernel flashes)

flash with Clockwordmod recovery
flash ROM first then flash gapps package
WIPE DATA! if coming from ANY other ROM
Don't worry about disabling lagfix or any of that nonsense, ROM will work whether you are using ext4 or rfs



Enjoy and remember: If your phone breaks after flashing, YOU broke it! Not ME!
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22nd April 2011, 01:44 AM |#2  
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You work pretty quickly for someone who gets bored.
22nd April 2011, 01:46 AM |#3  
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This may peg my level of knowledge but here goes. . .What logs would be most beneficial? Assuming alogcat is the standard method, there are a lot of different options of logs in there. Any specific ones that would be the most helpful in tracking down a bug?

Not trying to clutter, hopefully avoiding more in the future
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22nd April 2011, 01:52 AM |#4  
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Originally Posted by dw77x

This may peg my level of knowledge but here goes. . .What logs would be most beneficial? Assuming alogcat is the standard method, there are a lot of different options of logs in there. Any specific ones that would be the most helpful in tracking down a bug?

Not trying to clutter, hopefully avoiding more in the future

any random bugs can usually be picked up from the main log. anything having to do with the radio (call issues/sms issues/etc) need the radio specific log

I'm not familiar with alogcat (market app right?), but the logs can be dumped using adb from a pc. ex:

adb logcat > logcat.txt
will dump the main log

adb logcat -b radio > radio.txt
will dump the radio log

thank you for your concern
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22nd April 2011, 01:55 AM |#5  
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Hey JT, I was talking to you on twitter today (@ScottColeBCS). I sent my email addy, I don't know if you got it. Let me know if you figure out a way for me to do that for you. Thanks Bro.

EDIT: Nevermind bro. I'm stupid. I just checked my email and saw that you sent the info I needed. Be expecting it.
Last edited by kidserious; 22nd April 2011 at 02:11 AM.
22nd April 2011, 01:56 AM |#6  
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I need to clean my keyboard...great job jt!!

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22nd April 2011, 02:01 AM |#7  
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Thank you JT. You are a boon to this community. Have a beer on me.
22nd April 2011, 02:23 AM |#8  
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Thanks Jt....good stuff

Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
22nd April 2011, 02:28 AM |#9  
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Sweet. So what are the chances this will bebe compatible with the Mesmerize eventually? I assume it is not currently.

Sent from my MIUI SCH-i500
22nd April 2011, 02:48 AM |#10  
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What's the difference between this and the one you released on Twitter last night?
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