Default how to bypass market problem when using small cache

Found this on desire forums useful for those wanting to maximise internal storage

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Fixing market downloads
If you wish to bypass the problem of the small cache partition limiting market downloads, then do the following steps:
1. Use the wonderful dsixda kitchen to unpack your boot.img
2. Edit the init.rc. In the exports section add the following:
export DOWNLOAD_CACHE /mnt/asec/download
and add the following right under the section titled "# Secure container public mount points":
     # Market downloads
     mkdir /mnt/asec/download  0777 root system
     mount tmpfs tmpfs /mnt/asec/download mode=0777,gid=1000
This will place all market downloads into a temporary ram disk, which will be deleted upon the completion of the installation.
3. Repack your boot.img and place it in the rom.

You can see an example of an edited init.rc here:
If the need exists i may create boot.img's for noobs for several roms with these modifications