Talking [Q] HTC Desire(Bravo) GingerBread ROM Root access.

I wonder if I'm the only 1 experiencing this but I have...

1) rooted my Desire with Unrevoked,
2) installed Auraxtremeginger 8.6

And then I'm trying to remove some system app with Root uninstaller... Failed.

I tried to create a new folder in /system/etc using Super Manager with root functions enabled... Failed.

I tried to do the same using ES File Manager... Failed.

I have SuperUser v2.3.6.1, Su binary 2.3.1-ef.

EDIT: OK, I managed to delete some stock media in the /system/media/audio folders. But I still can't create folders.

But it seems that I can't alter anything in the /system

*NOTE: All the above worked very well in Auraxtsense 8.4.