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[29Dec][SD/Magldr][BoxmaX KS v9.0.Final][DesireHD GB 2.3.5 +Sense3][K:ty r14+RCMiX6]

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By boxmax, Retired Recognized Developer on 28th May 2011, 06:03 PM
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- Update Build to (3.12.405.1) DesireHD 2.3.5 Senses 3

- Apply Tweak smoothness UI

- Tweak For Stable 3G Data Connection

- ICE Animation Window

- Full Support Arabic & Add Fonts ICE Arabic ...

- Default Boot (Magldr) via Kernel RCMix3D v6.0 + Available boot SD (Haret.exe) via Kernel TyTung r14 SenBT + Fix haldric glitches

- Wifi Tether Working via (Barnacle) app ... (included)

- all game working for build Magler (Kernel RCMix3D v6.0) ... Some Game Not Working on hare.exe build ...

- Camcorder No Lag only via build Magldr (Kernel RCMix3D v6.0)

- KS Build Final .

Old changing
Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.9:
-Re Fix Stream player :D

Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.8:
- Set Kernel Tytung r14 + Fix BT Sense + Support Call Recording ... Thanks to Tytung
- Fix Low Sound 
- Try fix Lag Camcorder (Need More ... Progress not yet )
- Fix again Stream video player ... 
- Update video weather 
- Clean system ...  
Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.7:
- Enable 3D HOME in Setting
- Tweak Fast & Smooth 
- Add more setting in sidebar 
- Add more app & widget in system 
- fix power menu 
Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.6:
1- Optimization system :D
2- Set kernel H 8.5.1 
3- apply fix GFX / for more Speed go setting /display off animation 

Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.5:
1- update app+framework from RUU.
2- delete More app & widget for more Speed
3- Set Kernel 3adk r2.3
4- Add battery Mod % & ِAdd Mor setting bar ... thanks to  internauta2000
5- Fix USB to PC ... thanks dungphp !
6- UN fix GFX ...  it Slow Animation 

Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.1:
- Fix some Bug's 
- update app + framework .. 
- Kernel H8.6 ..
- included (data.img) from original HTC RUU

Whats New BoxmaX KS v8.0:
1- upgrade KS Build To Desire HD 2.3.5 Sense 3 (New Rom) (Ace S 3.06.405.1) .
2- No Need Edit size app or widget (Original one Best for HD2)
3- All Working ! .
4- Apply fix glitches 100% thanks to haldric .
5- Super Quality , Super Smooth , Super Fast . :D
6- Fixed Arabic Full Support .
7- Kernel JW 2.1
8- this build (Stock No theme ) if you want ... Go To MccMBoxmaX Transformer SS themed v

[SIZE="2"]Whats New BoxmaX KS v7.1:
1- only update Fix Flash Player audio & video in Browser
copy folder root in folder Android & restart ... 
 Whats New BoxmaX KS v7.0:
1- Edit tweak Ram for more Speed .
2- update Roies.apk & widget (Perfect Rosie 3.0 - RC2) thanks cypis !
3- update Lib GPS Libraries to v2.0 Thanks to Tyhung.
4- Fix flash video in browser but video no sound .
5- Delete some widget & app for more Ram .
6- fix icon size music player .
7- resize video weather .
8- fix Low sound .
9- return to kernel hastarin r8.6 for SD (5ma) & Ty r9 for Magldr (7ma)
10- Theme CoreDroid Available Now for KS (Optional) thanks Sergio76 for Beautiful theme .
11- Add fix Arabic in KS v7.0 

Whats New BoxmaX KS v6.5 : 
1- RAM Optimization Thanks to Juwe11 .
2- Update GPS Libraries v1.8 Thanks to Tyhung.
3- Update (App + Framework ) & Clear HTC Sense Rosie DATA Thanks to coolexe
4- Fix HTC hub & Add More Skin .
5- Update HTCCamera for support 720p + 1080p (Software not hardware) . :D Thanks to francois.d.dillinger
6- Fix Youtube via connection 3gdata .
7- Update flash player to v10.1_10.1.92.8-PATCHED but not fix video flash in browser
8- Set Kernel Tyhung r5 & Support animations Flying.
9- Fix Advanced power menu Available From dansta34 Here (not included) .

Whats New BoxmaX KS v6.1 : 
1-Rebuild with WWE Pyramid 1.35.401.1 (Not Arabic Support).
2-Update last app .
3-New Market 
4-Set Kernel hastarin 8.6
5-Now HTC Music Same watch.apk for best poster 

Whats New BoxmaX KS v6.0 : 
1- Mix Build Rom Arabic Pyramid HTC ARA 1.34.415.1 (Working app internet)
2- Fix play 720p
3-Fix poster album ...
4-Fix USB to PC without any app
5- More sharpen Camera & best Q

Whats New BoxmaX KS v5.0 : 
1- Rebuild with port RCMix3D Team (App + framework)
2- More Tweak ...

Whats New BoxmaX KS v4.1 : 
1-Fix BT 
2-Restore Email.apk from v3.0 
Whats New BoxmaX KS v4.0 : 

1- Fix Slow install app from SD & Market 
2- Update Some .apk & Fix widget Greader News
3- Add youtube & maps 
4- More tweak for Sense3
5- Battery Mod & change boot animation 
6- return FC first boot only (Normal)
7- Kernel : Raf.1.9.OC 
Whats New BoxmaX KS v3.0 : 

1- Fix Slow in v0.2
2- Fix Camcorder HTCCamera  :) & Add Camera MIUI (Perfect Work) ...  Now All Working  
3- Enable 3D In HOME  :) (Go  setting > Display > 3D Enable ) Move the device with your hand left and right, and enjoy :D
4- return FC first boot only (Normal)
5- Surprise bootanimation ! very thanks to BoxmaX :D

Whats New BoxmaX KS v0.2 : 
1- Very Stable Sense 3 & Smooth :)
2- Fix Lock Screen Working 100%  :)
3- Fix weather Working 100% :)
4- No FC in Sense :)
5- Camcorder Working with Video cam Illusion (included) :)
6- USB To PC Working with multi mount sd card (included) :)
7- Fix Superuser :)  
8- Fix Gallery HTC 
9- change Kernel To Raf 1.9 OC For Best BT Stable wifi 
Thanks To :

Coolexe , Capychimp , dungphp , Imika , Derek0228 , Tyhung , MccM , Cotulla ,cedesmith , XDA & Donors...


To Continue Dev Build
For those who wish to donate to me :
Send Manual With PayPal from your account to as (goods) and very thanks to donors
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28th May 2011, 06:03 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me

- Magldr : New

- SD/Haret.exe : New

Torrent Download

Kernel New Marc1706's v0.1.4 for Magldr

- BoxmaX KS v8.9 SD/MAGLDR
- Kernel HiOrs 1.8.5  [url]
BoxmaX KS v8.8
BoxmaX KS v8.7 SD/Magldr :
Add app chat facebook if you want...
BoxmaX KS v8.6:
if not boot Magldr update kernel to 3dak or ty 12.4
BoxmaX KS 8.5
- SD :
- Fix GFX :
- if you want change kernel ... try Kernel Ty 12.4  :
-if you want app facebook & Twitter copy to system/app :
-if you want app HTC Stock & widget  copy to system/app
BoxmaX KS 8.1 :
More :
- Fix Full Arabic :
- Kernel 3dak r3
- Kernel H8.5.1 better v8.6 ...
- Orginal Lip GFX For Good  performance :
- skin for build 8.1 :
must restart after firest boot
OLD v8.0
For Magldr :
kernel : H 8.6 :
BoxmaX KS v7.0
1- SD :
2- Magldr  Updated 15/Aug
3- SD build with K Raf.1.9.OC.GB Wi-Fi MAC address fix & Fully working HTC Headset support ...  Added  16/Aug
4- Theme CoreDroid :
Copy folder root in folder Android ...  
5- Fix Flash Player audio & video :
Copy folder root in folder Android ...  
6- More Theme:
BoxmaX KS 6.5 :
SD :
Magldr :
for fix Arabic KS 6.5  copy in folder Android & restart 
BoxmaX KS 6.1
SD :
Magldr: (if not working magldr update kernal to Ty r5)
for update kernel to Tyhung r5:
copy in folder android & restart
هذه النسخة مخصصة لأبناء العربية أحبتي وإخواني
BoxmaX KS v6.0:
SD :
1-with K Raf 1.9 OC :
2-with K Tyhung r9 :
3-with K Tyhung r5 :
1-with K Raf 1.9 OC :
2-with K Tyhung r9 :
3-with K Tyhung r5 :
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28th May 2011, 06:04 PM |#3  
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Donate to Me

for v9.0 Final :

1- for user have rom on Nand & want try build Magldr/SD :

2-for kernel TyTung r14 SenBT Support call recording :

3- For Restart Sense Some Time : Solve : don't use any app's for kill task or Ram kill ... i set Auto kill in build witout any app more

4- For Slow animation (haret.exe user) go setting /display & off animation

5- for size data.img

6- enable the 3D Home :

7- for tts app

old Solutions
1- Long Time First boot    - Please wait  ... 
2- ROPOT VOICE     - Hold stop cull & Again cull ... 
3- For Working USB To PC     - install Dual.Mount.SD.Widget.v1.80.apk (from link in Post 2 )
 & Add widget: Mount.SD click one for enable USB-PC ...... 
4- how to make hangwriting work in zh_TW language     
- After first boot, find system/customize/CID/default.xml
 add "<item type="boolean" name="Handwriting">yes</item>"
 and delete data.img do a fresh install.
 <function name="IME_sip_set">
 <set name="single">
 <item name="total_list">...;Handwriting;ZuhYin;CangJie;P inYin;Stroke;...;</item>
<item type="boolean" name="Handwriting">yes</item>
 <item type="boolean" name="ZuhYin">yes</item>
 <item type="boolean" name="CangJie">yes</item>
 <item type="boolean" name="PinYin">yes</item>
 <item type="boolean" name="Stroke">yes</item>
 </set>...  THANKS TO yourender2

5-SD Card Not Working      - Format SD with this tool

6- For Fix Power Menu     -

Thanks dansta34 Copy folder root to folder Android & restart

7 - for resize data.img 
 1- delete data.img (1gb)
 2- edit startup.txt ... & Set line 
 set cmdline "rel_path=Android data_size=512 gps_zone=us"
Android : this name folder if you need change name folder edit this also ..
512 : this size data.img if you want set 1024 or 512 or 256 ... 
us : this region for GPS ... Set us or asia or europe ...
7- For change animations use this site :
 press Kitchen & go Window & chose Bounce or Flip or Flying or Fold or Rudolf 
 & go File upload > System files > & up file from KS build (framework-res.apk + SystemUI.apk + ) 
 framework-res.apk from folder (framework)
 SystemUI.apk from folder (system/app)
 & go Summary & submit work & weating for download ...
8- How to boot Magldr
1- copy folder (Android) to SD Card .
 2- Boot in MAGDLR powering on your phone while you press the power button until MAGDLR appears.
 3- Select "SERVICES"
 4- Select "BOOT SETTINGS"
 5- Select "AD SD Dir"
 6- Select the "ANDROID" folder or the folder where you dropped the rom.
 7- Now select "BOOT AD SD" and wait boot .....
9- GPS Not Good Work :
return libs v1.7
10- if wifi not Good  :
11- Bluetooth not working powe with kty r12.4 ... See
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28th May 2011, 06:08 PM |#4  
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i was waiting for these!!
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28th May 2011, 06:19 PM |#5  
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Downloading now !!
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28th May 2011, 06:23 PM |#6  
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Nice!! THX

Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA Premium App
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Finaly for sd!!!!!Thank you so much!!!!
28th May 2011, 07:17 PM |#8  
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Ty brother BoxMax........
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28th May 2011, 07:42 PM |#9  
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Been impressed with your earlier work and wait egearly for updates.
giving a bash cheers
28th May 2011, 08:20 PM |#10  
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Looking forward to trying it! I use your DS version as my day-to-day mod. Thanks!

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28th May 2011, 08:30 PM |#11  
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Boots and works fine. The usual graphics glitches are not fixed yet, but that's not a problem. Seems smooth once it settles down, fantastic job Boxmax. thank you.

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7.0, sense 3.0, thx boxmax
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