Default Don't install the latest Xoom recovery 4.0.0.x from CWM yourself a favor and don't use this recovery--it doesn't see your external sdcard and prevents you from flashing anything from the microsd.

Use Solarnz's cwm recovery or, instead.
Transformer Infinity 32Gb - JB 4.1.1
ROM: CROMI v4.4 with _that kernel
Nexus 7 32Gb - JB 4.2.2
ROM: between sparksco's sabremod and sbdags' CROMi with M-kernel
SGS2 Epic 4G Touch - JB 4.2.2
ROM: Evervolv, Baked or Magical Unicorn
Xoom WiFi - JB 4.2.1
ROM: EOS 4 Wingray Nightly 180
Rockin' TWRP Touch Recovery on everything!

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