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[PUDDING] International House of Pudding! BL Unlock/root thread (Updated 07/23/2011)

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By the2dcour, Senior Member on 22nd June 2011, 11:46 PM
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1. All phones If you have unlocked then try to use 2.3.4 update zip from Motorola servers, then revert back to a "pre-unlock" version(1.8.3 or earlier on ATT) you will get bricked! Do not use the OTA via experimental servers and revert to older versions WITHOUT pudding preinstalled in your sbf. ATT ONLY Get your 1.8.3 with pudding from the pudding/unlocker section below.
2. International Phones IHOP_Bell has a known issue with many or all phones report around 300mb of ram. Fixed, see fixes section.

3. Chinese A Chinese user bricked his phone after applying a 2.2.2 OTA(over the air) update from his provider. DO NOT USE THIS if you plan to OTA. We need help from other Chinese users to further understand this issue. Read this post and help out your fellow Chinese users, please.

4. Use at your own risk. Have a backup phone, insurance plan or other means of recovering from a possible brick or loss of functionality. You are using experimental software at your own risk.


Works/Does not work list

ATT version 1.8.3 or later: Works
Bell version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
T-Mobile UK 2.3.3 Warning: Ram See fixes
Orange version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
Telestra version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
Brazil version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
French version 2.1.1: Warning: Ram See fixes
Personal Argentina version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
Mobifone Korea version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
Thailand version Froyo 2.2.2: Warning: Ram See fixes
Spanish/Movistar version ??: Warning: Ram See fixes
China version ??: DANGER: Brick after OTA 2.2.2



Update July 23 2011: Full sbf for ATT users available. This sbf includes root in preinstall (don't ask questions, read the post in this link) and pudding pre-loaded. Look for the file with the other pudding files below. Thanks to WiredNix and Brandon15811 for helping find the original sbf, and WiredNix for testing.
Update July 19th 2011: Pudding has been updated to fix memory timing issues that gizmo noticed, thank you eval- for the fix. All ATT users should update pudding. Bell users have updated pudding as well, but memory timing fix is included in the 300mb RAM fix. Update is available thru standard unlock links, as of this posting only links have updated pudding.


Who does/doesn't need this.

You need this if:
1) You need to flash custom single partitions such as system, osh, boot.img, recovery, or data.
2) Mainly for testing custom kernels, see number one.
3) You have a real ROM with a custom kernel, like CM7 or MIUI, and want to flash it.

You don't need this if:
1) Number one in the last section doesn't make any sense to you or sounds like gibberish.
2) You wanna show your friends how much cooler or better than them you are.
3) You just want to install P-ROMs and Themes.

Disclaimer: Tested on 1.8.3 and 2.3.4 using sbf_flash and RSDLITE 5.3.1 or higher, usual warnings being responsible for your own actions yada yada

YOU WILL LOSE ALL FILES IN /DATA backup is your friend.

RSDLite/Windows Drivers/Sbf_flash:

Prepare: If you're in windows land you will need to re-install drivers. Thanks for the link.
RSDLite 5.5 link
x64 Windows drivers
sbf_flash - the linux/mac sbf flasher

Guide for beginners provided by:


Unlocker only SBFs - These small 1mb SBF files will get your phone ready to fasboot oem unlock. They are the files most people should use.
ATT ONLY - Unlocker for 1.8.3 and 4.5.91 ATT firmwares
Orange/Bell/Telestra/Latin America/International users ONLY - Download IHOP

Full SBFs with unlocker - I do not recommend flashing full SBFs unless you must. please use the smaller files above. These files are ATT ONLY. - 2.3.4 full sbf with unlocker and /preinstall root - 1.8.3 full sbf with unlocker (why are you using 1.8.3?)
You shouldn't be using full SBFs anyhow, but multiupload is gone so too bad. I'm too lazy to reupload.
Big thanks to Ratchet1 for risking his phone to test this, also SamCrip and stevendeb for finding the magic update. All the Bell/Orange users should give them a big thank you! Also eval- for making sure I didn't overwrite your bootloader with a CDROM image

Rooting 2.3.4 / Full 1.8.3 clean SBF with BL unlock and preinstall root by Brandon15811, eval- and myself

Fastboot if you don't have it. (Windows) - git mirror
Linux 64bit (large file support):
Linux 32bit (large file support):


Edgan's OC kernel
faux123's OC kernel
Kholk's OC kernel


[ROM] CM7 Pre-beta for thread please check :
Eval and Unknown's Experimental SBF 2.3.4 Guide
Tenfar's CWM
Kennethpenn's AOSP Guide
Edgan's compile your own kernels thread
Tenfar's CWM flashable 2.3.4 hktw


Tentative ram fix for 2.3.x unlocked international users
Navalynt's instant pudding fixer for 2.3.4
This Cardock fix revert's 2.3.4 cardock.apk to 1.8.3. Posted by Joe Ferria
If Titanium Backup destroyed your Fingerprint Scanner settings try this fingerprint fix for most cases.
If your APN list is gone try resetting to default.
If you installed 2.3.4 and webtop is broken:2.3.4 webtop fix thanks to mburlingame
If you have a fix for another issue please pm me with explanation or a link, you will be credited.

Picture of what to do with fastboot. Blurred out spots are my personal code, just so you don't get confused.

Congratulations if you get this:
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22nd June 2011, 11:48 PM |#2  
This is a development thread.

Let's keep the 'thanks', 'I'm downloading' and jokes out, as we need to keep the contents relevant. If you want to show thanks, use the thanks button under the first post, or donate to the2dcour!

Let's also keep discussions about ROMs (GB, 2.3.4, CM7, ASOP, etc) out of this thread, as this thread is about a unlocked bootloader.


Will this give me Gingerbread or 2.3.4?:

This is a custom boot image to enable you to flash any custom ROM. This by itself will not give you 2.3.4. You'll need to find another thread for that.

How to tell if you're still unlocked:

Originally Posted by eval-

Your phone is still unlocked. Flash a newer (leaked!) bootloader and you will see the "Unlocked" again. No knowing whether we can re-lock, notice:

$ sudo ./moto-fastboot oem lock
                              ... INFOOEM lock is not implemented
Since we haven't determined the implementation, it could well be this process is irreversible, as they claim.

Can't connect to internet / lost APNs:

Originally Posted by 1wwefan07

After doing this I lost all my APN's how can I get them back?

Originally Posted by the2dcour

your stock APNs?

If it's a modded APN list either restore your backup (you did back up right?) and reboot, or go back to where you got the APNs from and re-install them like that.

Originally Posted by nitewalker033

Looks like u gotta add your apns again i also had to do this:

Originally Posted by Bakano

i had to add mine again, BUT if you go into your apn settings and hit menu, there is a "Restore Default Settings" (or something similar) options tht I selected... and voila! APN's come back

hope this helps!

Home button not working after flash:

Originally Posted by Swiftks

Only thing I'm noticing of any concern is that my home button is not working... it vibrates on press just fine, but nothing happens when I press it???? Huummm... Anyone else?
Oh, and ariplane mode and something else (can't remember) are missing from the power off notification area; only power off and reboot are there now.

Originally Posted by the2dcour

This happened to me too, I restored data and either battery pulled or rebooted to fix it.

RSD lite can't find sbf to flash:

Originally Posted by Vangelis13

This was a pain in the **** when you're in a hurry to unlock the beast; to make it clear, the "Unlock SBF file" extracts as "zomgunlock-lite" which RSD doesn't recognise as it doesn't have the SBF extension. Rename it to "zomgunlock-lite.sbf" and then load it.

Bust my nerves while rushing to do everything quickly..


Originally Posted by Ronaldo_9

For those of you asking about backups,

Use titanium for apps (it will backup apps and it's data)

Mybackup Root for Sms/MMS/Bookmarks/settings

They are both free from market.

Originally Posted by SolidHelix

titanium backup, my backup pro, and cwm nandroid backup in progress!


Motoblur will still be there after you flash this unlock.

Do I have to unlock?:

As of 6/29/11, there are a limited amount of ROMs out and if you look around the forums, they require alot of fixes. If you have the time and patience, feel free to unlock...

Can I overclock?:

This is a new boot image, not a kernel. A custom kernel with the ability to change frequencies as a compiler option is required for overclocking.

I can't get moto-fastboot to work?

This could be because of:
  • Improper paths due to lack of understanding of how DOS works (see this primer)
  • missing USB drivers (try installing RSD Lite first)
If these fail to help you, look in the Questions and Answers forums..
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22nd June 2011, 11:49 PM |#3  
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Couldn't resist it

But seriously, only a teaser pic on a dev topic is very lame IMO, how about some info about it?
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23rd June 2011, 12:47 AM |#4  
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The2dCour is a known troll.
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23rd June 2011, 05:36 PM |#5  
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And here's a video of unlocking it by Briefmobile. BTW I hate them. How did they get the 2.3.3 build? And I bet they're scared to leak it because they want to keep it to themselves for all the attention it's getting can anyone explain how they got it?
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24th June 2011, 12:24 AM |#6  
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Anyone test this out with OLYEM_U4_2.1.1??

I would like to but I'm strapped for time and the wife would kill me. Got a dinner to go to and I'm sitting here drenched in my workout clothes and dancing on the spot.

Maybe I'll bring my stuff to grandma's and hide in the closet.
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24th June 2011, 12:27 AM |#7  
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Sorry for the noob questions but, will we still be able to get regular OTA updates if we flash this? If I flash an old SBF does this re-lock the bootloader or is this forever?
24th June 2011, 12:34 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by WarningSLO

Sorry for the noob questions but, will we still be able to get regular OTA updates if we flash this? If I flash an old SBF does this re-lock the bootloader or is this forever?

It should not lock you out of OTA updates. and I believe it is forever. However, if you flash back to stock 1.8.3 it will no longer display unlocked.

Originally Posted by Ratchet556

nope doesnt work on 2.1.1 french sbf. i get sec_exception: febe, 35, 35

Sorry, updated title post. OLYFR/ATT only =(
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24th June 2011, 12:38 AM |#9  
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Here's RSD Lite 5.3.1 and the newer drivers for 64-bit in case anyone needs them.
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24th June 2011, 01:00 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by the2dcour

It should not lock you out of OTA updates. and I believe it is forever. However, if you flash back to stock 1.8.3 it will no longer display unlocked.

Sorry, updated title post. OLYFR/ATT only =(

Do you mean we have to re unlock it if we flash the 1.83 sbf again?
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