Default MetroPCS HTC Touch Pro / Instructions NOT WORKING


im trying to get my sprint htc touch pro working on metropcs using the stickied instructions here..using option 2 (cloning) to try to save the $50. I am having SO MUCH TROUBLE been going at it for hours and having the same issue. I am able to install SPL 0.25 the bootloader reflects this. i get to the step where i need to install RAPHIMG.nbh and when i use rom update utility to install i get an error.

Error 244 : invalid model id

i've flashed 0.37 SPL just to see if it'd work and it did, then re-flashed 0.25 back and that worked. Also flashed NFSFAN Rom and that flashed fine as well.. Does ANYONE have a workaround to get this working? am i doing something wrong? please help me.
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