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[ROM] GingerBurst Sense 2.1 |Android 2.3.3 |Jun 27| Stable Data2SD| Unlimited memory

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( Sense 2.1 | Android 2.3.3 (GingerBread) | DATA2SD | CRT TV Off Animation | Trackpad Awake )

| 2.1 build | Stock Hboot (No S-off required) | Stock-like | ext2/3/4 | Over the Air (OTA) updates | ROM Manager download |

Created due to popular demand; Presenting the Stablest Sense 2.1 experience on the Desire, with Unlimited memory provided by the best Data2SD script ever (ask the veterans at StarBurst/SuperNova sites who've used Sibere's Data2Sd) integrated in the Rom.

GingerBurst Team:

Droidzone - ROM Development
Sibere - Data2SD code
Many thanks also to o$$!ram for the source!

Partition Required: FAT32 followed by one ext2/ext3/ext4 partition (ext2/3 if present will be converted)
Base Software:


The main feature of this HTC Sense 2.1 Rom is the stable Data2SD that is built in

In case you didnt already know, the Desire's Internal memory is severely limited (A maximum of 147 MB. Within no time, you will be asked to remove your favoite apps to clear space. Earlier implementations like A2SD, App2SD+ are all imperfect, and everything will never be moved. Even MTD partitions are limited.

With Data2SD, you decide the amount of Internal memory you want!
As a side effect, you get faster I/O too, since Sd is faster than Nand. the real world performance depends on the Class of your card. The faster the better!

This rom is based on Sibere’s Data2sd scripts, which with the latest ext4 based script, is arguably one of the best of the lot. Other than this, the Rom has been kept stock-like. It is for those who want the HTC Sense Rom, but are tired of the low disk space warnings thrown at them!

Contrary to prior Data2SD scripts which were infamous for their boot loops and force closes, this latest script has been rigorously tested and developed into a stable product by Sibere. To date, I havent had a single force close or boot loop yet on this Data2SD configuration

I know there are a lot of Stock rooted roms out there, but this one supports Data2Sd best, mostly because it’s been built for the sole purpose of giving a problem free Data2sd experience.

  • HTC Sense Account, Weather Animation sounds and more
  • Based on the o$$!ram's Build from Ports by Robocik|Neophytex360|Coolexe
  • Rooted
  • GingerBurst is fully compatible with the latest version of Clockworkmod Recovery (Edify)
  • Init.d scripts supported
  • Busybox-1.18.2
  • AutoCleanup of System apks on Data2SD install-script added (DZ)
  • Turned off HTC Crash report
  • ROM Manager support
  • Over the Air updates (OTA) via ROM Manager
  • Kernel: snq- Patched GingerBread Kernel v05 snq mod of
  • BTRFS Support (snq)
  • Increased read ahead buffer size to improve SD R/W performance("sdfix")-128kb
  • /data/app/ support
  • EXT 4 for Data2SD (snq)
  • CRT TV-Off Animation! (Robocik)
  • Trackpad Awake (snq)
  • Data2SD using the extremely stable latest Sibere Data2sd scripts (From personal experience, this appears to be the stablest Data2sd experience for Desire. The emphasis is on Stability and storage, rather than Quadrant scores.
  • Cool Blue LED Indicator for Data2SD startup! NEW!
  • Fully De-odexed (For best modding experience)
  • Zipaligned to improve RAM performance
  • Nano command-line text editor support
  • Bash command shell support
  • Camera works at 720p
  • New superuser permissions 2.3.5 @ChainsDD
  • Removed the annoying HTC Boot sound
  • Helicopter view Homescreen Rearrange option
  • Extensive Access point lists (APNs)
  • MultiLanguage
  • CIFS (Optional. Can activate by script)
  • VPN Support (tun.ko) (Optional. Can activate by script)
  • Additional Keyboards-idrops and Android keyboard
  • Android Market Update 2.3.6
  • Adfree added, fixed and updated 0.6.4 ** update **
  • Latest Adfree hosts added ****
  • Gmail ** update **
  • Google Maps 5.6.0 ** update **
  • Facebook for Android 1.5.3 ** update **
  • File Expert File Explorer with Root Features 3.1.2
  • ES File Explorer - NEW Edition with Root features as Beta HERE
  • Adobe Flash Player ** update **
  • Massive APN List
  • Massive Locale list
  • Google Mail changed to Gmail
  • My Backup Root 2.7.3**** App Updated ****
  • Titanium Backup 3.8.7 **** App Updated ****
  • Quick App Remover
  • XDA Forum App
  • Locale support includes:
    • English (US, UK, India, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, South Africa, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine)
    • French (France, Germany, Austria, Chile, Spain, Britain, Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Israel)
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Greek
    • Portuguese
    • Norwegian Bokmål
    • Danish
    • Swedish
    • Czech
    • Polish
    • Russian
    • Finnish
    • Chinese (China, HongKong, Taiwan)
    • Turkish
    • Arabic
      and Others!
Instructions for Installation (See second post)

  1. Sibere for the Data2SD development
  2. o$$!ram for the source build
  3. Robocik, Neophytex360, Baadnwz, Coolexe for doing pioneer porting work.
  4. snq- for the kernel and Kernel mods, ext4 support, Wake-on-trackpad etc!
  5. dsixda for the Android Kitchen
  6. C0urier for hosting my site and Daniel for mirrors (Thanks a lot!)
  7. deXter (and AdamG & _thalamus), Roach2010 for suggestions to improve the Data2SD code

A big thanks to the following people for the generous Donations received:


Donation List last updated on 28/06/2011

If you're an XDA user and do donate, kindly include your XDA userid and email id (if different from your emailid registered at Paypal), in a mail/PM so that I can update this list with your userid.

Note: Donors will have access to direct download links to the ROM from my site, as a small token of appreciation. If you havent received the password to the Donor links page, kindly mail me, with the Paypal registered email id included.

Please bear with me if I've left out the names of any recent donors. This is because I'm away from the PC and can update webpages only when I'm back.

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27th June 2011, 01:33 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me
Note: You will need to register as a member on the site to download some of the more popular files. Look for the "Register" link on the Right side!

Droidzone's Roms now have their own dedicated Forum to give specific, accurate help to users. Utilize the forum effectively, especially if you are new to the world of Roms

Visit the MiniSite for Installation Instructions, and Download Links:

Concise Instructions:

  1. If you had changed your Hboot from Stock to any other type, you will need to reset it to Stock Hboot by following instructions on the Alpharev site
  2. Wipe data/Factory reset from Recovery (CWM/Ra)
  3. Partition your card into 2 partitions (only two) with Gparted (The performance may be compromised with other partitioning schema)
    1. The First should be Fat32
    2. The Second should be ext4 (can also be ext2/3 but will be converted to ext4). The maximum limit for size of ext4 is 2Gb.
  4. Install the Rom zip
  5. Boot once.
  6. At this boot, do NOT enter your Google account details. Also do not install any app, or restore any app.
  7. Once system stabilizes, hit the Power button to reboot to recovery
  8. Now install the Data2SD installer and reboot from recovery
  9. This boot will be very long, and the system will also take a long time to show the desktop
Re-Installation (Reflashing the Rom)
Note that reflashing the Rom alone overwrites the Data2SD script, so whenever you flash the Rom (for any reason like theme revertion etc), do not forget to flash the Data2sd reinstaller (not Installer) immediately after Rom flash without a reboot in between (Note the difference betweem installation and reinstallation!)

Check your SD storage at this point. You should have vastly enhanced storage which equals your ext4 size
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27th June 2011, 01:33 PM |#3  
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================================================== ================================================== ======
================================================== ================================================== ======
[*] Android 2.3.3 GingerBread
[*] HTC Sense 2.1 Rom
[*] HTC Sense Account, Weather Animation sounds and more
[*] Working Data2SD - Sibere's Data2SD version XE version
[*] Bootanimation and Standby/Shutdown CRT Tv-Off Animation
[*] Wake up on trackpad
[*] 4-in-one Power menu with option to Boot to recovery
[*] Removed Bootsound
[*] AutoCleanup of System apks on Data2SD install-script added
[*] Locale List updated and locales added
[*] Default time settings changed to 12 hour
[*] Turned off HTC Crash report
[*] Kernel: snq mod of
[*] Updated Market to 2.3.6
[*] File Expert 3.1.2 with Root Explorer Functions
[*] Google Maps 5.6.0
[*] Adobe Flash Player
[*] Quick App Remover 1.0.0
[*] Titanium Backup 3.8.7
[*] My Backup Root 2.7.3
[*] Adfree 0.6.4
================================================== ================================================== ======
================================================== ================================================== ======
Initial Builds
================================================== ================================================== ======

================================================== ================================================== ======
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27th June 2011, 01:34 PM |#4  
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A few Addons
All the following are flashable zips:

The mods posted above might get rid of some lags.

If you still have issues, read this:
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27th June 2011, 01:39 PM |#5  
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Minisite link doesn't work - 404!
27th June 2011, 01:44 PM |#6  
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Which link? :eek: I'm getting the site ready..
27th June 2011, 01:44 PM |#7  
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whats the changelog ?

edit: i can see 720p recording underlined, but can anyone confirm its working beyond the initial formated sd card, like when u have some apps and pics and other stuff on the card as well).
27th June 2011, 01:53 PM |#8  
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Looking nice DZ
27th June 2011, 01:56 PM |#9  
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Links are up here..Second post

My site is down.. Accidentally deleted the main site.. Will be back after I restore the posts..
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27th June 2011, 01:59 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by droidzone

Links are up here..Second post

My site is down.. Accidentally deleted the main site.. Will be back after I restore the posts..

Downloading now will report back once all installed.
27th June 2011, 02:03 PM |#11  
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Hmm no sense 3.0 features like lockscreen , weather ?

Sent from my HTC Desire using XDA Premium App

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