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[Rom] [CruzControlMOD] [Micro Velocity Cruz T301]

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(Last edited by dillonhardin27; 2nd July 2011 at 12:41 PM.)
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Default [Rom] [CruzControlMOD] [Micro Velocity Cruz T301]

I soon will be getting a T301 (About 1pm or so today) and word on the street is that its been out while and no one has made any custom roms for it, Therefore im going to take a crack at it and see what i can do. This is my first tablet so be prepared for trial and error but I sure won't do a half-ass job on my work. Now heres a couple of things to come:
Custom Boot Animation
Custom Theme
New Keyboard With Demon Speed Tweaks
Plenty Of Under The Hood Tweaks

There will definitely be alot more (Hopefully), While at this time im not actually positive what this tablet is actually capable of but i will definitely have an update of whats to come by 3:00 after i test it and such.
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Having any luck?
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Hey well I hope there is someone that can make a custom rom for this is some information ive been able to find out... From Rooting and Installing market:

TO Root Tablet..

After Installing "jdk-6u25-windows-i586" and "android-sdk_r11-windows" and "ADB_usb_driver"

Connect your device via USB.

Now, hold the Windows Key and press R. Type cmd in the box and press Enter.

In the Command window, type


and hit enter. Now type

cd android-sdk-windows

then type

cd platform-tools

and hit enter. Now here is where you will begin rooting the device. Type the following

adb devices "I did this to make sure the device was listed"

adb shell

and hit enter. you should now have a # sign.

Now Type

mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

hit enter, then type

cat /system/bin/sh > /system/bin/su

hit enter, then type

chmod 4755 /system/bin/su

hit enter, now type


hit enter then finally type


and hit enter. Your device will reboot. When it comes back on it will be rooted!

To Install Market

The following list includes the exact google apps package I used, and the order in which the extracted apk's were installed...

google apps package : PM me if you want the link...xda says after 8 posts I can posts links

Only use hdpi package for CyanogenMod 6, otherwise the apk version will be wrong

and with this apps package, I extracted all of the apk's inside, and used "all" of them.

They were installed in the following order :

app 1=genie widget apk
app 2=google backup transport apk
app 3=google contacts sync adapter apk
app 4=google feedback apk
app 5=google partner setup apk
app 6=google services framework apk
app 7=google voice apk
app 8=kickback apk
app 9=market updater apk
app10=media uploader apk
app11=network location apk
app12=setup wizard apk......

note: setup wizard apk is needed for the log in scripts to google market, and google talk respectively..

app13=soundback apk
app14=google talk apk

note: I believe google talk is the engine used for the market portal you must install..

app15=vending apk

note: vending apk is installed last just prior to reboot of the cruz tablet...

this is the exact order of install from the above apps package I used....and I have 2 working cruz tablets with market access, google talk, and gmail.

Note: gmail apk is not included in the above apps package, and is downloaded from the market once it's working.

Note: dont be worried about space for the apk's. After the flash card partitions made in the 2.2 firmware update, you should have nearly 425 megabytes of application space remaining for apps later on. And the total size for the apps package is only 18 meg.


To Reset Market:

Thing is, I've found that a number of apps that don't appear in the Market still install just fine. For example, I can't locate Maps in the market, but it works, as does the similarly invisible Dolphin HD. There are hacks for the Market that are used to allow QVGA phones to see items that aren't specifically tagged as QVGA-compatible, so there may well be similar hacks to allow us to see more. (It may or may not install, but at least we'd have the chance to try.)


Edit: found a note on the Web re: the Market. An Archos user found that if you follow these steps:

Go to Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - All tab;
Go to the "Market" app: "Clear Cache" then "Force Stop" DO NOT Clear data;
Go to the "Google Services Framework" app: "Clear data" then "Force Stop";
Reboot your machine;
Restart the Market application. It may force close for the first run, ignore it and restart it again.
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I would absolutely LOVE a custom rom OR even just a workaround that disables the notification bar from appearing on touch events in a full screen app.

Anybody want to tackle that one?
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Default Cruz T301 Mods

I found some good information on The forum link is listed below.

I used this method on two T301's and it worked great.
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Default would love to see a custom rom for Cruz T-Series

would definitely donate as well. i think lots of people would especially with christmas coming and these things so cheap! also some other MIPS based devices with ICS are coming out so it would be a good learner for some people maybe.

i would love an AP included and i hear that this is what may be slowing up some other people right now other than just recently receiving source from Ingenic.

Its a great machine regardless, at least for the price.

anyway, this place is great and you all have helped me quite a bit. PLease let me know if there is anything i can do for you..
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Default please stop

lets keep the market and the retardation out of this thread please. stop using incorrect terms to your post saying rooting your device. the CRUZ T301 IS ROOTED ALREADY. the commands you used gave you read write access. so please STOP WITH THE DUMB POST AND CALLING THIS ROOT. okay. now that we have that covered lets stop posting stuff that is covered in other forums. has better steps to make the market work. and even fixing the already rooted device fixing the su. so we can install and use rooted apps. okay now thats said..

okay lets focus on custom roms here or :P cynogenmod or something useful.

if you want to post useless info go back to slatedroid site
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Technically correct and equal in value...

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Hi I'm new to the Android world and I got to say I love it. My question is, has their been a successful root using the method above. I did steps above but I think I missed something. Can someone pls give me hand on rooting this device successfully. Thanks
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Originally Posted by AndroidLover813 View Post
Hi I'm new to the Android world and I got to say I love it. My question is, has their been a successful root using the method above. I did steps above but I think I missed something. Can someone pls give me hand on rooting this device successfully. Thanks
im looking for sum help as well. also where would be the best place to get the gapps? any help would be much apreciated

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